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Smart PC Fix-It Registry Optimizer 3.0

Fix-It Registry Optimizer is simple, easy to use and safe. This program can save you hours of frustration by quickly scanning your registry for items that need to be repaired or removed. In just seconds you will have a complete list of any broken and unused registry items and you will be able to remove them instantly. Fix It Registry Optimizer has all the registry optimization tools you need to keep your PC running smoothly.

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SpeedBit Software SpeedOptimizer 3 build

SpeedOptimizer will speed up your PC and network with a click. Speed Up Your PC & Network for Best performance. SpeedOptimizer analyzes your computer's hardware and operating system and performs a series of optimizations that allow smooth and trouble-free operation.

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Simplitec Simplifast

It's hard to know how to speed up your PC if it's getting slower over time without professional help. Should you defragment the system hard drive or would it be useful to remove start-up programs? So many complicated, overlapping processes run in Windows, that the main offender is often hard to find: reduced performance is often caused by unnecessary system services or installed software.

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