BigFish Games 6607 Keygen by Vovan666

If you like BigFish Games and you need the keys to them, do not want to use patches and other medicines, you can use this generator by Vovan, which will allow you to get the keys to 6607 toys of this company. Inside the archive there is a video on how to use the generator.

Installed the game, run the generator, choose from a list the game, then click on the Open reg Dialog, find the game on your hard drive and open .exe file which it needs to run (the file is hidden, so do show hidden icons), after waiting, a window opens asking to specify the key that is copied from this window the value of the Fingerprint and paste it in the generator, specify your name, get the key, copy it into a window asking you to specify the key, click there, click OK and all, the game is activated. Please note that the key fits all the toys.

If the game is demo(referred to as a Free sample version on the download page), you need to put it — activate — run once through the client — delete — and run the installation again. It will download full version, the client likely will be displayed with the error, but the hidden file is played without problems. If you copy the name of the game(part of the name) into the buffer and press ctrl+f, it will automatically be selected in the list. Out-of-date after adding the sorting.



OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 / 11 (x86-x64)
Language: ENG
Size: 10,43 MB.
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Reasons for raising the release: New version


ok super kann ich jetz downloaden danke
Thanks for the words of gratitude. There is one request to you: please read the FAQ. The language of communication on the site «English», one for all… Thank you in advance for your understanding.
Hello, I know this topic is a long time ago. So a quick question. Is there anything new? The keymaker is currently at 6251 and does not have the latest games in the list.

Sorry. German to English with Google translator.
Too bad. The VIP area is not visible here.
Fixed links. I've updated the links. That is a newer version than we used to have. If I find more updated, I'll upload it.
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My antivirus erases the .exe file when i try to click on it...saying «incorrect parameter»…
So what can I do with your antivirus? What is my relationship with him? Sorry, but I can't understand what you want from me?
and this would be the answer of an administrator who could help newly registered and inexperienced users...??
So how can I help you with your antivirus? I can’t decide for you which antiviruses to use and whether to use at all. Specifically write what I can do for you and I will try to help.
@ vinciguerra
Add the application as an exception to your antivirus! It's really easy! Turn your head on.

Cracking games and inexperienced don't mix!
i came here by chance to seek help (thank u for that) and not to find ironic and caustic (perhaps even offensive) answers...i think that for everyone there is a first advice or my rule for life in general is: if u want to it politely...otherwise don't do anything…
This is my last reply to you. First: read this post, which I wrote specifically for people like you. I spend my time just helping the visitors of our site and writing similar posts, but people like you ignore them and start to enter into discussions. Secondly, to get help, you need to correctly describe your request. I did not find any questions in your messages that I needed to answer. If you do not know what and how to do, then ask specifically: «how do I do this ..?» — I will also answer specifically with a description of the necessary steps. Also read the rules of the site — there is also a description of how to make such requests for help, but you were too lazy to read this too… My conclusion is this: you have time to write accusations against me, but there is no time (and desire! ) get acquainted with important information written specifically for our visitors. I have nothing more to write to you…
@Dimar0n...our conversation was already over for a reply was addressed to Rodio...and especially to his unkind way (you should agree with me too as an administrator) of saying «turn your head on»...the rules of the site...that i admit i haven't this case have nothing to do with it...regards…
This user likes to blame someone else for their mistakes. Instead of asking for help and specifically describing his problem, he stubbornly accuses me of not wanting to help him! He probably should have looked at the statistics of requests for help to me and my reaction to such requests. I wonder how much he will find a refusal to help visitors to our site? mmsmile
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