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Good day everyone! Finally, I had free time and I decided to create this topic (many users asked me to create it). Here you can always order the publication of the program you are interested in, or simply ask for a «medicine» for it. And you can also ask for help and advice on the use of «medicine». Before placing an order, use the search on the site and make sure that this program is not available. Also, we kindly ask you to adhere to the rules of our website and place an order in English.

Requests conditions:
1. You can order the publication of any free program that you want to share with the rest of our visitors.
2. Take in mind that we DO NOT make/create medicines. Only we «take» cracks/keygens/whatever from other authors, they're not ours. Please, don't ask us «can you do a patch for YYYY?», because we don't create them.
3. You can order the publication of a paid program and an activation method for it (Patch, Crack, Keygen, Key...). To do this, you need to provide a link to the site or forum where you found it so that we can take it from there and publish it on our website.

Thank you for being with us. Good luck!


Quest software all product keygen or Binary Tree Migrator Pro for Active Directory.


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The request does not comply with the rules. Read the rules in the main post.
Could be possible LBE++ Ver. 4 from egyfixlab
The last 2 comments are not related to this topic and will be deleted. Requests to update links should be left under the topic with the corresponding program. Your requests have been satisfied and the links have been updated. Best wishes!
Please download Painter Mouse 1.0, unfortunately the site is dead but it can be found on the internet. Thank you

I can help you here are the links and there is Russian language all ready to go

Thank you

Painter Mouse



iMazing 2.17.17
Breaking the rules!!! Before writing this kind of comments, it is better to spend the same time reading the simple rules of the site!
Instead of writing the same thing over and over again, it is better to familiarize yourself with the rules for requesting the publication of new programs… Is it really so time-consuming and so difficult to comply with the minimum rules?
Please provide us Tally.erp9  Last version