RegInOut System Utilities

RegInOut ensures that no unwanted data is left in registry database that becomes the cause of errors, lags, freezes and slowdown in general performance. RegInOut comes with powerful performance boosting options such as Services Manager, Defrag and System Cleaner. Periodic use of these features keeps any machine in good health.

Speed Up Computer With System Utilities
  • RegInOut 4.0 comes with powerful performance boosting options such as Services Manager, Defrag and System Cleaner. Periodic use of these features keeps any machine in good health.
Optimize Internet
  • RegInOut 4.0 provides an automatic Internet Optimizing feature. It will make sure that the internet you get from your service provider comes to use at the maximum speed.
Best Gaming Experience
  • RegInOut 4.0 with all these features essentially turns your machine into an “Optimal Gaming Machine”. To fix errors and speed up computer gaming experience apply the «Extreme Gaming Profile» in Services Manager option of the RegInOut System Utilities.
Sweep Computer Junk
  • RegInOut 4.0 is a Junk Cleaner. It provides this feature to ensure privacy to your activities along with boosting the performance of your system.
Additional Product Information
  • Reginout Software scans and works on these parts of Windows Operating Systems: Windows Registry, System Data (Temporary Files, Explorer MRUs, Run in Start Menu, Recycle Bin, Search Auto-complete, Recent Document), Browsing Data, Internet Settings, Computer Services, Windows Start and Uninstall Commands. Reginout does not alter the state of your system without your consent.

Key Features
Error Scan
  • Scans errors with ActiveX/ DLL files
  • Scans missing file references
  • Scans for empty keys that left after uninstalling programs
  • Scans for invalid/ incorrect application paths
  • Scans other issues in your Registry
System Cleaner
  • Deletes the temporary contents, MRUs and Recent Documents history with One-Click
  • Empties your Recycle Bin
  • Get rid of low storage issues, free-up tens of MBs of space
  • Fixes Internet problems by deleting temporary files, cache contents, saved form data and cookies
  • Protects your privacy by cleaning-up all log-in details and passwords
Internet Optimizer
  • Enjoy faster Wifi, Data Card Internet
  • Improves browsing speed by 10x, load websites faster
  • Improves download-upload speed
  • Sets the best settings for your Internet connection
Services Optimizer
  • Get Extreme Gaming Performance
  • Fixes low FPs (Frames Per Second)
  • Optimizes background services to recover lost performance
  • Stops applications freezing/ lags and loads them faster
  • Shows list of running services
  • Stops unnecessary services from running
  • Disable applications consuming higher CPU usage
  • Improves Registry read/ write speed
  • Defragments and restructures the Registry
  • Eliminates duplicate, misplaced parts of your Registry
  • Makes programs run faster and smoother
Speed Up Start Up
  • Optimizes the boot-interval performance
  • Makes your Windows boot and shutdown faster than ever before
  • Get complete control on your computer’s startup
  • Avoid excessive time-out taken by unnecessary items
  • View and manage startups
Uninstall Manager
  • Safely and securely remove programs that show error during uninstall
  • Quickly removes programs that Windows fail to uninstall
  • View list of installed programs and diagnose by choosing Uninstall/ Repair/ Reinstall
  • Easy to use and friendly uninstaller
  • Frees-up your disk space occupied by rarely used programs
  • Get rid of uninstall errors



OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (x86-x64)
Language: ENG
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Size: 5,98 MB.
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