How to download a file on our website

Hello our dear users! I decided to publish for you a simple instruction for c we use.

This instruction is a simple solution to the problem of downloading from file hosting services. The video I recorded is not professional (I apologize for that), but I hope it will be useful for you. If you have any questions or comments, then leave them under this topic. Below this video you can find links to my recommended ad blockers. If this information was useful for you, please like this post down below. All the best and thank you for being with us!

Download uBlock Origin From Homepage
Download AdGuard
UPDATE OF OXY.CLOUD: its site admins have added file upload via «uploader». There is a life hack on how to get around this and switch to normal file uploads: by clicking on the link of the file, you need to have time to click on the first button «Download For» when refreshing the page (as in the screenshot) and thereby transfer it to a regular download.



Hola estaba buscando un programa asi, bajé el Portable y todo bien Hasta que descargue el video 26, de ahí en adelante no me deja descargar de ninguna plataforma. Que solucion hay? y gracias por el portable. Saludos
Hi! First of all, check the rules of the site. You must comment in English!
Second, i don't know what you're talking about… What program, what portable and which video?
I can't download anything. Links take the form
Yes, the link is 100% working! These links will always work because they are ours )) You need to read the very first post on the main page! I don't know how you managed to get past it, but be sure to read it — it has all the information. If it does not help, then write to me in a personal message with a video recording with the download process and a possible error that you get. okeysmile

Question, there are 2 links on every post that says «Full Installer» and «Free Download». I made the mistake of downloading that file. I am now infected right?

There is no virus, it’s just an adware installer and if you installed it, you can remove it at any time. It's at your discretion…