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DeskSoft WindowManager 6.5.4 | Portable

WindowManager helps you to improve your work flow by remembering and restoring the position and size of your programs and windows. Many programs don't remember their position and size between sessions and even Windows explorer does not always restore windows to their last position. This is where WindowManager steps in and makes sure your windows are placed exactly where you want them every time you open them.

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Desksoft EarthView 5.17.2 | Maps | Portable

EarthView is a dynamic desktop wallpaper and screen saver, which displays beautiful views of the earth with daylight and night shadows. It produces colorful, high quality, high resolution images for every screen resolution — even beyond 2560x1600! The program supports map and globe views, urban areas, city lights, atmospheric effects, clouds, local time display and much more.

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Droid4X 0.11.1 Beta

Droid4X is an ideal simulator of the original Android system. After downloading the Droid4X, PC users may have a virtual Android handset with individualized configuration and performance (subject to the PC's configuration & performance). The user may use the simulator to download the Android apps and games, and run/play them on a PC screen in a more convenientmanner than the handset. Droid4X includes the Windows version and Mac version, and the iOS version is under development.

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Aero Glass | Beta | | DWMGlass AIO 0.21 R2 | Portable | Ultimate RePack by evgen_b

Aero Glass integrates into the the Desktop Windows Manager without compromising any system components. It uses the native Direct3D device to render the effects and colors. You can change the transparency and base colors directly from the Windows Colorization Control Panel.

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WinSnap 5.0.6 | Portable | RePack by KpoJluk

RePack by KpoJluk — Russian / English registered and Portable versions in one installer!

WinSnap is a small enhancement utility for taking and editing screenshots. Standard features include easy capture of non-rectangular windows with customized and transparent backgrounds, simple and automatic canvas transformations, coloring effects, and the addition of eye-candy drop shadows. WinSnap supports a variety of image formats and has advanced auto-save features.

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Wallpaper Randomizer 0.40 Portable

There are two things you will find on the hard drives of many Windows users – a huge accumulation of wallpaper images and a personal collection of MP3 music. Whenever you want to change the wallpaper image, you can open the image in a image viewer application such as Irfan View and use the options from the viewer to set it as desktop background. Alternatively, you can also set the new wallpaper from the Windows settings that can be accessed by pressing the hotkey Win+I. But if you want everything automated so that you do not have to change the wallpaper yourself manually, then you can use a third party software called Wallpaper Randomizer.

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