Screeny Pro 3.6.3

Screeny 3 Professional — the software for individuals, is a very powerful and flexible tool for professional desktop screenshots and videos, which you can hold everything from your screen as an image file or video.

Screeny 3 is the screenshot program for professional screen shots, even from DirectX games, with innovative and comprehensive recording and relay options. The perfect collaboration with MS Office, Screeny 3 Professional also fits perfectly into your office environment.


The applications for Screeny Professional is very diverse
  • for assistance with the user interface of programs
  • for image copies of programs that can not be stored differently
  • for error documentation from an image
  • for demonstration videos of programs for product advertising
  • Illustrate installation procedures
  • Provide a software product

Everything at a glance
  • With Screeny Professional you have all the settings at a glance. Innovative, extensive recording and relaying options make working with Screeny Professional's play. Due to the perfect collaboration with MS Office, Screeny Professional fits perfectly into your office environment.

Who daily screenshots needed, the work is easier with Screeny Professional!

Flexible operating concept
  • Forget rigid control concepts other providers! Configure the user interface according to your own requirements! Put yourself to determine what should be included and what should happen with it.
  • All settings are stored in macro profiles that you can customize to your needs. Change the existing macro profiles according to your wishes from, or start new, completely personalized with your settings.
  • You can group your macro profiles in groups arranged, and so the user interface of Screeny Professional adapt your wishes. All consumption-related settings are managed in this macro profiles, freely configurable.
  • You can create your own macro profiles, customize, whether receiving area, hotkey, effect settings… and with the different styles you could embed the appearance of Screeny Professional customize your individual taste!

Many different recording
  • Shot selection rectangle
  • Shot selection round
  • Selection receiving free
  • Selection accepting region
  • Window Capture
  • Window Capture Client
  • Window Capture all visible windows
  • Record menu, incredibly easy to record nested menu structures
  • Record Scrolling areas
  • Object receiving
  • Full screen
  • DOS window

Many different output options
  • Save as File
  • Push
  • Send by email
  • Upload to FTP Server
  • Open in Application
  • In-place editor Submit
  • In MS Excel
  • In MS Word
  • In MS PowerPoint
  • paste MindManager
  • Add to clipboard
  • Drop drag and drop in almost any application
  • Save as PDF

Integrated graphics editor
  • Fill in your recordings in the integrated graphics editor to highlight areas for example, objects such as arrows, lines, symbols and other objects incredibly easy to add your recording, professional results child's play

Integrated whiteboard, draw on your entire desktop
  • The whiteboard allows you to take a snapshot of your desktop, and draw on it as the editor. The snapshot can, including your notes, texts, etc. then saved as a graphic.


OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 (x86-x64)
Language: ML / ENG / RUS
Medicine: Crack
Size: 22,34 MB.

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