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Hello friends! We need your help now more than ever. Please read the full message and don't stand indifferent...

Good day to all! At the time of writing this manual the site performs the latest work on configuring the interface and functionality. Of course, the «maintenance» of the site, like any other repairs cannot be completed, they can only be interrupted. If you want, there is always something that you want to improve, fix it or even redo it.… All this we have done (and will do in the future) for you — users of our site. We have worked for you for many years and we have done it absolutely free of charge. All expenses for the maintenance and maintenance of the site I produced for the money earned at another job. Even now I pay for all changes on the site from my personal account savings. Times are hard and I'm out of a job. Concerning, I appeal to all users to help our site. It seems to me it deserves for the future, but without your help it becomes unrealistic. We will be grateful for any help and donations in any amount acceptable to you. This will help us maintain and develop our site. Donations can be made by transfer to PayPal, Visa, MasterCard or Webmoney. By a donation of more than 1,00€ / 1,5$ / 100₽, a VIP account will be activated (1$ / 1€ — one week) for downloading files via direct link from cloud services (Mail. ru, Mega, Yandex...). While the process of donation is being made, you have to introduce your Scloud's login or send your information to the admins for the activation of VIP account.

UPDATE 05.02.2023:
As you may noticed, we started to upload to for VIP users: it saves all our cracks, keygens… All our stuff. Of course, it cost us money, but we did it for you. You don't have to worry if the link is not working and to comment «please reupload» or similar.
Also, this year the prices are higher than previous year everywhere and in everything. We all know the main reason, so we will not talk about it. Because of this and our new storage iDrive, we will list the prices for those who wants to donate us and get the VIP status:
  • For 1 week: 1$ / 1€
  • For 1 month: 3$ / 3€
  • For 3 months: 6$ / 6€
  • For 6 months: 9$ / 9€
  • For 1 year: 18$ / 18€

Of course, this doesn't affect the users who already have the VIP status, but it does for future donations. In any case, if you have any question, you are free to ask us.

UPDATE 04.11.2023:
Since now, there'll be some content (or topics) available only for those users that are VIP.

Hope this will help all of us and thank you so much for staying and supporting us.

Reasons for raising the release: Added new donation form



Sent € 3,- for 1 month through PayPal.

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Hi, paid 3 euros for 1 month VIP via Paypal.

ID: 3H166776X6951941D

$1 Ko-fi = Nick: LawlessPVP
Your VIP has been activated. okeysmile
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User: dassi
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Donate: 6€ for 3 months via Paypal.


Sent € 3,- for 1 month through PayPal.





1 month of VIP please, 3 euro sent