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Hello friends! We need your help now more than ever. Please read the full message and don't stand indifferent...

Good day to all! As you all have already noticed, we have completely changed our site. At the time of writing this manual the site performs the latest work on configuring the interface and functionality. Of course, the «maintenance» of the site, like any other repairs cannot be completed, they can only be interrupted. If you want, there is always something that you want to improve, fix it or even redo it.… All this we have done (and will do in the future) for you — users of our site. We have worked for you for many years and we have done it absolutely free of charge. All expenses for the maintenance and maintenance of the site I produced for the money earned at another job. Even now I pay for all changes on the site from my personal account savings. Times are hard and I'm out of a job. Concerning, I appeal to all users to help our site. It seems to me it deserves for the future, but without your help it becomes unrealistic. We will be grateful for any help and donations in any amount acceptable to you. This will help us maintain and develop our site. Donations can be made by transfer to PayPal or Webmoney. By a donation of more than 1,00€ / 1,5$ / 100₽, a VIP account will be activated for downloading files via direct link from cloud services (Mail. ru, Mega, Yandex...). While the process of donation is being made, you have to introduce your Scloud's login or send your information to the admins for the activation of VIP account.

Доброго времени суток всем! Как вы все уже заметили мы полностью изменили наш сайт. На момент написания данной инструкции на сайте производятся последние работы по настройке интерфейса и функционала. Конечно, «ремонт» сайта, как и любой другой ремонт, невозможно закончить, его можно только прервать. При желании всегда найдётся что-то, что захочется улучшить, исправить или вообще переделать… Всё это мы сделали (и будем делать в дальнейшем) для вас — пользователей нашего сайта. Многие годы мы работали для вас и делали это абсолютно безвозмездно. Все расходы на содержание и обслуживание сайта я производил за средства зарабатываемые на другой работе. Вот и сейчас за все изменения на сайте я плачу из своих личных сбережений. Времена сейчас тяжёлые и я остался без работы. В связи с этим обращаюсь ко всем пользователям с просьбой помочь нашему сайту. Мне кажется он заслуживает на будущее, но без вашей помощи это становится нереальным. Мы будем благодарны за любую помочь и пожертвования в любом приемлемом для вас размере. Это поможет нам содержать и развивать наш сайт. Пожертвования можно сделать переводом на PayPal или Webmoney. При пожертвовании в размере более 1,00€ / 1,5$ / 100₽ будет активирован VIP-аккаунт для скачивания файлов по прямой ссылке с облачных сервисов (, Mega, Yandex...). Пока идет процесс пожертвования, Вы должны ввести логин вашего SCloud или отправить свою информацию администраторам для активации VIP-аккаунта.



The site runs smoothier now!
I could help but iam block out my paypal account because of 2fa authentication and Paypal doesnt have staff beacause the virus .If anyone know any solution how i can contact them thriugh email, it will be helpful.
Hey buddy, your site is wonderful. I really hope i can donate to maintain this project in the future.  Keep the good job
I solve the problem with my account. Dimar0n check your account.
Have a nice day!
Hey buddy, your site is wonderful. Please check your account.I just donated.
Please, let me know how much you donated, so I can check if your VIP-account is activated
hallo, please activate my VIP account, I paid € 5 via paypal
Good day! Your VIP access is activated until 02/14/2022. Thanks for the support!
How check if my VIP access has expired?
I can't  download through any VIP link…
I just made a donation with transaction: Transaction ID: 0KE23325NR482453R
Can you please activate my account to be VIP
Hi. Thanks for your donation, I'll activate your VIP now. It will expire in 22 months.
could you activate mine as well i forgot to ask in comment below
I wrote you on a private message
7C7414609U931305N payplal transaction
I sent my donation just now 6D586309N95294055 
Thanks! klassmileokeysmile
Do I need to contact an Admin (if so how) to activate my VIP account?
We have activated everything for you a long time ago! Do you have any problems with accessing VIP links?
I just tested it, it's OK for me. I hadn't seen the area mentioned «Links for VIP-Users», sorry, thanks for everything!!!
hello, i did the donation, here's my transcation number:4N34910995016404R
winniepiuh thanks for your great work
Your VIP-account is activated until 08.10.2022. Thanks for your donation :D
donation made trough paypal, thank you for such a good work providing content.
Thanks for the support! okeysmile
I Have made a donate via Paypal. 2€
I have sent PayPal
Saw it, thank you so much :D
Your VIP account expires on 01.02.2023

I just made a donation via Paypal,
thank you for the work you do.
Thank you for your support and kind words about our resource. Your VIP account is activated until 09/16/2022.
hi, ive donated 
Transaction ID

When i can become VIP?
Good day! Your VIP has been activated. Sorry for the delay, but we are closed at night… Thank you for your support and enjoy your time okeysmile
Hello, I'm brand new here and I just made a small donation. I hope it is enough for a VIP status.

Transaction code: 8MS12973SH961683W
Hello and welcome to SCloud :)
Yes, I saw your donation, and i've activated your VIP status ^^, it expires on 14.06.2023. Thank you so much.
7TB75100E5858842N                             transaction number                                                                   
Hi! I made a donation of 2 €. My transaction number is 3VM33194US458605S. Please, grant me a VIP access. Thank you.
Hi. I just made a donation of 3$ with paypal. My transaction ID is 5GX558927K810704E.