Maxlim New Year 2020 RePack by elchupacabra

Maxlim New Year — A selection of 4 programs from Maxlim to create a New Year's mood.

Christmas Tree — Christmas program, Christmas tree, Christmas mood, what else is needed on New Year holidays. Fir-trees decorate houses, cities, and of course computers… As all the same, the mood rises when the Christmas tree flashes on the desktop of the computer. It helps programs especially well when it’s already tired of working and wanting the New Year by setting the Christmas tree on the desktop. She not only decorates the computer with her beauty, but also really brings the Christmas mood closer. In addition to the Christmas tree, you can install other decorations, such as Santa Claus or a snowman, a Christmas tree decoration, or even a Snow Maiden. There are plenty to choose from, and if there are few animations, you can use the program to download more.

Christmas garland — New Year's program decorating the desktop of the computer with bright, multi-colored lights, flashing which, in truth, betrays the New Year mood. As soon as you decorate your desktop with a Christmas garland, a feeling of the approaching New Year holiday will immediately appear. Garland can be made both on top of all programs and windows, and in the background, if it interferes with work. There is an opportunity to choose one of more than five varieties of garlands and, if you wish, to change it at any time, fortunately there are garlands for every taste and color.

New Year Clock — tired of waiting for the New Year! This program will show the exact time how much is left before the New Year. The program not only shows the time how much is left before the New Year, but also flickers with a garland beautifully adding the New Year mood. If you wish, you can customize the program to show on top of all windows, and then there will always be a lot of time left in sight. Find out through how much New Year with the New Year's clock program.

Snow on DeskTop — is a small, free program with which you can launch snowflakes on your desktop. With its work, the program does not interfere at all when working on a computer. The sun is outside the window, and I want snow, and the program will help you with this. Now it's not so difficult to arrange the winter, you just need to start the program and it will be snowing. If you do not have enough snow, then this program is for YOU. If the snowflakes still prevent you from working, they can be made under the windows and then they will not interfere at all, and will only be visible when the active windows are minimized.

RePack by elchupacabra
  • Combined installation of the program in one distribution package or unpacking of the portable (PortableApps format) version
  • The package combines 4 programs developer New Year theme
  • Removed download of Yandex components from installers
  • Russian / English interface language
  • Disable auto-check for updates.



OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (x86-x64)
Language: ENG / RUS
Medicine: No needs
Size: 5,23 MB.
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