ClipAngel 1.84

The program ClipAngel belongs to the class of «clipboard Manager» — it will allow you to store a huge number of objects and, if necessary, to select the item and use it in any application. Please note that for correct operation requires the presence .Net Framework 4.52, as far as I understand, XP is not supported, could be wrong. The Russian version is present, is picked up automatically immediately after launch, plus get a fully portable version not need install, after unpacking the archive, you can immediately use it.

Thanks to the support of keyboard shortcuts, you can quickly access the desired item without even opening the main program window. Have the ability to ignore unwanted apps, that is all that you will capture them inside, into the buffer Clip Angel will not be sent. If you had to work with pictures, you can upload them to the Internet. In General, here before you this development, it actually can be useful if you have to copy text, now I've tried to do it, once is enough to copy and after to pull him from the program, and thanks to the Russian interface to deal with large numbers of features is not difficult.


  • Supports clipboard formats: text, html, rtf, file, image
  • Captures data of supported types copied to clipboard (clips)
  • Captures sender window title and process name for clip
  • Shows source URL for HTML clip
  • Filter by marks «Used (Pasted)» and «Favorite» with keyboard shortcuts
  • Filter by clip type
  • Hot (as you type) text filter for clip list
  • Stores last used for paste text filters
  • Marking used (pasted) clips
  • Marking filter matches in text
  • Marking hyperlinks in text and Alt+click to open them
  • Marking END of clip text
  • Marking filter matches in list
  • Allows to paste clip as original or plain text selected or all
  • Repeated external copy of any previous clip raises it to top of list
  • Settings «Max clip size KB» and «History depth number»
  • Setting «Hotkey to open window with reset»
  • Searching back and forward filter text in text
  • Ability to delete and move clips in list
  • Text filter and clip list share key presses, no need to change focus
  • History is stored encrypted on disk
  • Setting «Hotkey to incremental paste»
  • Switch «word wrap»
  • Switch «move just pasted clip to top»
  • Switch «show column with short visible size of clip»
  • Command «Edit clip title»
  • Edit clip text mode
  • Commands «Mark/Unmark favorite» for clips
  • Support for format «Clipboard Viewer Ignore» to respect password copy privacy
  • Auto and manual check for new version and one click update
  • Portable mode
  • Auto position window on open near text input
  • Switch «Always on top» for window
  • Command to open clip as file
  • Command to simulate char input (for windows isolated from clipboard)
  • Support for sending paste and input to elevated windows
  • Switch «Monitor clipboard»
  • Switch «Monospaced font»
  • Switch «Clear filters on window close»
  • Filter ON indication in «Clear filter» button
  • Full support for difficult windows in paste command (cmd.exe and non fullscreen RDP)
  • Text position indicator shows offset, column and line number, selection length
  • Clip list shows samples for picture clips
  • Switch «Native formatting» for HTML and RTF clips
  • Switch «Show clip source icon column»
  • Automatic window open after capture text clip from ABBYY Screenshot Reader
  • Command «Text compare» with support for Beyond Compare, ExamDiff Pro, WinMerge, Araxis Merge, DiffMerge and custom application
  • Command «Translate text»
  • Target window title is shown in window title after " >> "
  • Setting «Default font»
  • Setting «Hotkey to open window with favorites»
  • Command «Clear clipboard»
  • Command «Move to top»
  • Switch «Copy text in any window on Control+F3»
  • Setting «Hotkey to compare last clips»
  • Commands to set type filter values
  • Switch «Autoselect first match»
  • Multiselect clips in list supported by most commands
  • Setting «Hotkey to open window with no changes»
  • Command «Switch focus list/text F10»
  • Series >3 identical chars are truncated in clip autotitle
  • Setting «Folder for clip temp files»
  • Tooltip on clip row in list
  • Switch «Case sensitive search»
  • Switch «Search independent words»
  • Switch «Search '%' as any char sequence»
  • Setting «Database file» to switch clip lists
  • Drag&Drop clips from list


OS: Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (x86-x64)
Language: ML / ENG / RUS
Medicine: FreeWare
Size: 2,65 MB.

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