HttpMaster Pro 5.7.0

HttpMaster — A useful application for the web developers who need to automate the web applications testing by requesting multiple resources from a specified website.

It's only natural for professional web developers to need advanced testing tools for their applications, whether we are talking about a website or a web-based application. With a feature-rich feature set, HttpMaster Professional Edition aims to meet the requirements of many as far as application testing is concerned.

Advanced Support for API Applications and Web Services
  • Take advantage of the exceptional support for testing web API applications and RESTful web services

Universal Tool for Testing Web Applications
  • Apply product flexibility and extensive feature set to test websites and other http-based applications

Practical and Easy to Use
  • Enjoy elegant and responsive user interface, easy test management, completely codeless tests, and more

Request Chaining
  • Create and execute batches of connected requests to completely automate REST API or website workflow

Response Data Validation
  • Define response data validation rules and use logical operators to combine them in advanced expressions

Standard Collection of REST Methods
  • Choose among the most common methods used with RESTful web services or specify custom http verb

Global Parameters
  • Define parameters with global values for data reuse across multiple web API or website requests

Multi-Value Parameters
  • Declare parameters with multiple values to test REST API or website with all possible data variations

Comprehensive Data Upload Support
  • Post data of various content types, including 'multipart/form-data', to thoroughly test HTML forms

Request Data Builder
  • Parse existing HTML content to accelerate building of request body for posting website forms.

Powerful Execution Capabilities
  • Execute request items in desired order with progress monitoring and pause/resume capabilities

Response Data Viewers
  • Work with pretty viewers for XML, JSON, HTML, CSS, and other data types used by web applications

Execution Groups and Conditional Execution
  • Create groups for advanced execution scenarios, including conditional execution of request items

Web Application Load
  • Use parameters and multiple HttpMaster instances to apply load to your web service or website

Command Line Interface
  • Utilize command line interface to automate execution of HttpMaster projects



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OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (x86-x64)
Language: ENG
Medicine: Patch by MADARA
Size: 6,63 MB.
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