OSForensics ImageUSB 1.3 Build 1003 Portable


ImageUSB enables you clone your USB Flash drive by creating a UFD image, which can then be used to create an exact copy of your USB stick. You can even write the image concurrently to multiple UFDs, making it easy to create mass duplications of your USB Flash drive. ImageUSB works with all kinds of UFD images, including bootable Flash drives. Standalone software, no installation needed.

ImageUSB is a free utility which lets you write an image concurrently to multiple USB Flash Drives. Capable of creating exact bit-level copies of USB Flash Drive (UFDs), ImageUSB is an extremely effective tool for the mass duplication of UFDs. ImageUSB can also be used to install OSFClone to a USB Drive for use with PassMark OSForensics.
Unlike other USB duplication tools, ImageUSB can preserve all unused and slack space during the cloning process, including the Master Boot Record (MBR). ImageUSB can perform flawless mass duplications of all UFD images, including bootable UFDs.


  • Fixed a bug causing imageUSB crash on encountering excessively long or badly formatted drive serial numbers.
  • Application taskbar will show current progress.
  • Added Drag and Drop. Allow user to drag file from Windows Explorer when imaging method is «Write Image».
  • Changed logtime from seconds elapsed to timestamp.
  • Added option to turn on Beep on Completion.


OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (x86-x64)
Language: ML / ENG / RUS
Medicine: FreeWare
Size: 1,06 MB.

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