Windows Privacy Tweaker 3.0.2 Portable

Windows 10, Microsoft’s latest upgrade to its operating system, comes bundled with telemetry and tracking services that are enabled by default. While the company is insisting that it was 'not spying' but simply trying to enhance the program by understanding what users do, Windows 10 is constantly collecting users’ data, sharing Wi-Fi passwords to contacts (albeit with encryption), and collects data and usage patterns exhibited by every user of Windows 10.

But don't be fooled, even older versions of Windows shared some information with Microsoft. So, your sense of privacy and security may have been severely compromized for a long time without you knowing about it.

But all your suspicions may be resolved because now there is Phrozensoft Windows Privacy Tweaker that easily restores all your settings to it maximum safety levels. Use it and you have no more issues about your privacy or online safety.
We take care about that.

Is it only for Windows 10?
  • No! it also detect some privacy issues for Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1
  • How it works

To achieve the maximum level of privacy and security, simply uncheck all the unsafe Red Fields to the safe Green Fields.
Notice: Tweaking Service and Scheduled Tasks might require the reboot of your computer to be 100% applied
Extra Feature USB Protection

Nowadays security is very important within a company or even at home. You should train yourself or your staff not to open mail attachments from unknown senders or not to download a tool from a suspicious looking website. But all these precautions are still not enough to avoid becoming infected by malware because antivirus programs cannot detect and remove 100% of attacks.

Hackers know of different ways to bypass Antivirus detection (crypting API calls as long they got the source code or using crypter program to obfuscate the virus and run it through another safe process, etc.).

Which means that ‘the more doors you close’ the more secure you will be. This extra feature (USB Protection) will do exactly that: it will close one of the most favourite vectors for virusses: USB Storage devices.

USB Device
Normally an USB Device is rather unsafe because it is designed to interact with your computer. This extra feature allows you to control your USB Device Status and set it in three different modes.
  • Fully Operational Mode (FOM): USB Storage devices can be used normally (you can copy, modify, move or delete files);
  • Read Only Mode (ROM): You only can read its contents. Therefore no virus could copy itself to your computer to spread. Other cannot intentionally try damage, delete or modify the contents on your computer;
  • Disabled Mode: In this mode you are not able to see USB Storage devices anymore. It is in stealth mode. In this instance you don’t want anybody to export data or to import harmful content from your computer to USB Key.
In the past we had a single tool exclusively for that task called «Phrozen Safe USB», we tought it would be better to implement this feature in our Windows Privacy Tweaker program.

Command Lines
  • /FIXALL: Fix all privacy issues (Services, Scheduled Tasks and Registry).
  • /RESTORE: Restore default Microsoft privacy settings.
  • /AUTOCLOSE: Close command line window when command tasks finished.
  • /REBOOT: Reboot computer when command tasks finished.
  • /USBNORMAL: Switch USB / Removal Devices mode to normal (Read / Write).
  • /USBRO: Switch USB / Removal Devices mode to Read Only.
  • /USBDISABLED: Disable USB / Removal Devices support.




OS: Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (x86-x64)
Language: ENG
Size: 1,44 MB.

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