Air Explorer Pro 3.0.4 | Portable | RePack by D!akov | RePack by elchupacabra

Air Explorer supports the best cloud servers: OneDrive, Google Drive, 4shared, Box, Dropbox, Mega, Copy, Mediafire, Yandex, Baidu y WebDAV.

Direct management of your files in the cloud
  • Optionally Air Explorer can encrypt your files when you upload them to the cloud
  • Sets up multiple accounts from the same server
  • You can synchronize folders between any cloud or your computer

Multiply your storage space by joining all your clouds
  • Copy/Paste between cloud servers
  • Pause and continue uploads and downloads
  • Air Exlorer can share files
  • Centralize search of your files across all the clouds

Cloud file explorer easy to use
  • Application available for Windows
  • Thumbnail view of your pictures
  • Drag'n drop files between your computer and the clouds

Plugins system to add cloud servers
  • Independent development of plugins
  • Contact us if you want to develop or suggest a cloud plugin

RePack by D!akov
  • Type: installation / unpacking.
  • Languages: Russian / English.
  • Cut: nothing.
  • Activation: conducted (pawel97).

RePack by elchupacabra
  • Combined in one distribution program installation or unpacking portable version (PortableApps)
  • Does not require registration (patch pawel97)
  • Russian, English, Ukrainian languages (the rest deleted)
  • Disabled check for updates.
  • Picks up user settings from an external .xml files, if any are next to the installer


Homepage | Changelog
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (x86-x64)
Language: ML / ENG / RUS
Medicine: Patch / Crack
Size: 3,68 / 2,74 MB.
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Ссылки на crack и path уже не работают. Пож, перезалейте
Link for Patch updated!
hello, version 3.0.4 crack works? 
congrats for the webpage and thanks for shaing
Hello, crack which is here is old...It might not work…
Comment edited: Yesterday at 13:41
Patch it is for v2.x.x. For new versions 3.x.x there is not medicine.  Personally, I use Air Explorer Full Portable v2.8.1 Pro. If you want, I can upload it…
version 2.8.1 portable is the one I currently have on my system. Now it is giving me problems to log in with the mediafire account. Thank you for answering me. Sorry for my bad english, im spanish.
I also use Mediafire no problem. Then I will give you a link and try it.
nice!, really thanks for sharing