MaxDataGenius Pro

MaxDataGenius – High-quality Data Recovery Software. 15 years of product development have created a high quality software with superior recovery results. An expert product- especially for Technicians, Administrators and Forensic Investigators due to the integrated logging facility with different log levels and automatically created scan result report. Every action and detected structure/file can be retraced and evaluated via the log file. Manually adding results to the scan report is also possible.

Your data comes first: Our software conforms to the German federal data protection act – this ensures that our software does not send any confidential information from your hard disk outside your machine either in plaintext or encrypted (like other free product competitors may do, especially those without a federal data protection act in their country).

MaxDataGenius saves your data from different data loss crisis
  • Accidential deletion, virus attack, device failure – can recover lost or deleted files, even if deleted from recycle bin, and can use a so called ‘RAW’ file system feature to detect files by ‘footprints’
  • Formatted, system crash, hard drive failure, device failure – can unformat a partition or disk with heavy logical damages, or if formatted with different file systems – can recover from corrupt boot sectors, corrupt file system structures etc.
  • Partition loss – can recover from lost boot sectors, corrupt partition tables etc.
MaxDataGenius supports all kind of media
  • flash media like USB thumb disks, SD cards etc.
  • digital cameras, media players, phones etc. (must be appear as a volume or disk on your computer to work)
  • optical media like CD, DVD etc.
  • hard drives (including SSD)
  • RAID drives: RAID0, RAID5 and combinations (e.g. RAID50 etc.), JBOD – must appear as physical or logical disks on your computer to work) – software includes RAID reconstruction for broken RAID disks
MaxDataGenius supports all kind of file systems
  • FAT12/16/32 (mainly used on flash cards, hard disks etc.)
  • exFAT (mainly used on flash cards)
  • NTFS (used on PC hard drives)
  • CDFS/ISO9660 (used on optical media)
  • HFS+ (used on Mac hard drives)
  • ext2/3/4, ReiserFS, JFS (mainly used on Linux systems)
  • RAW (means it recovers without any file system by scanning for ‘foot prints’ of your lost files)
  • VMDK (VMWare flat or sparse virtual disk image files, incl. snapshots and extents)
  • ReFS (used on Win2012 server and Win8)
  • UFS/XFS/ZFS (mainly used on Unix and Linux systems)
MaxDataGenius has unique additional features
  • RAID reconstruction: select individual disks of a broken RAID system (JBOD, RAID0, RAID5 and combinations like RAID50 etc.) and reconstruct the RAID system for data recovery with a mouse-click
  • Browse native and foreign file systems: browse file systems not available on your computer! (for example browse HFS+ or Linux volumes on your PC)
  • Wipe data: securely wipe individual files
  • Disk diagnostics: analyze media to detect bad blocks, show disk usage etc.
  • Disk tools: create/restore disk image files, direct disk-to-disk copy, securely wipe unused space, wipe entire disks, hex view etc.
  • Refresh disk: Safely verify and rewrite all media blocks to increase data endurance
  • Remote recovery: remotely recover by accessing screen and keyboard of a remote computer



OS: Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (x86-x64)
Language: ENG
Medicine: Keygen
Size: 1,37 MB.
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