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The pilot program Yandex — The drive in which the files do not take up space on your computer

We are pleased to introduce a new separate program Yandex.3.0 disc for Windows and Mac. From the classical program Yandex.The drive to the computer and from the same cloud clients program differs in that it does not store files from the cloud to the computer.


The beta version of this experimental program allows you to remotely access the Drive from computer to upload files to the cloud, view, organize and edit them. The appearance of a new Disc resembles the interface of the system file managers — Windows Explorer in Windows and Finder in macOS.

  • Upload files and folders in Yandex.Drive using new program is very easy — simply open the desired folder and drag the files there. It also supports copy and paste through the clipboard. And of course, in the toolbar there is a button «Upload» is clicked, a dialog is shown to select the files and folders.
  • To download files even faster and easier, we made a widget as an icon of the new program, which is always displayed on the screen. We call this widget «dropzone». Archiving files to dropzone and they will be uploaded into the root Yandex.Drive. Then they can shift to any other folder.
  • Download files to the computer is done just like uploading to the cloud. It is necessary to Supplement that in the absence of the Internet you can still drag or copy the file to a Disk. Once the network appears, the files will immediately start uploading. Your tasks are displayed in a special section «Downloads».
  • To download files do not take up much space, they are removed from the folder with temporary files after 24 hours after opening or the last change (after uploading them to the cloud). Also through the program Settings you can open the folder with this files and delete them yourself at any time when required.
  • If you have already installed Yandex.Disk, remove the old software. In the new program no skinsosilky, synchronization and startup photos and videos. Classic Disc and pilot programme work well together.



OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (x86-x64)
Language: ML / ENG / RUS
Medicine: FreeWare
Size: 5,27 / 14,78 MB.
Download From Homepage:
Download Portable:


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Отличная новость — эта бета версия мне очень понравилась! Когда-то пользовался многие годы облачным диском от Bitcasa. Его особенностью и отличием от множества других подобных сервисов было то, что он не хранил файлы на компьютере пользователя. Потом его ликвидировали и компания перешла на выпуск iDrive. Он мне не понравился, хотя в нём появилась возможность создания резервных копий Windows ( это можно считать плюсом для многих пользователей ), но файлы теперь он хранит и на ПК пользователя… Теперь я с радостью перейду на новый Yandex Disk