Legoaizer+ 6.0 Build 219 | Portable

Legoaizer creates LEGO® brick mosaics, including all the required data to start building right away. LEGO® is hot again! With LEGO® you can make great predefined models, but its large selection of bricks, plates, shapes and colours allow for greater works. A growing community of (grown-up) people rediscover the potential of these little bricks and plates to create great pieces of art. And Legoaizer uses the renowned high speed colour matching engine of Mosaizer Pro to optimize use of amount of bricks, colours and sizes.

Legoaizer is a stand-alone application that works under windows or under a windows environment in OS-X (mac). After installation you can immediately create a brick mosaic. In the first period of use the application is unrestricted and fully functional. When these grace days have expired a few professional features will be limited or locked.

Photo realistic
  • The Legoaizer software is capable to create perfect colour matches with every possible combination of colours and sizes. Several high-accuracy colour matching engines are used, including colour- and black & white dithering, and the Mosaizer Pro colour matching engine. Even from a close distance the beautiful photograph can be seen, no need to step away 5 meters to get rid of the mismatching colour patches.
Full control of brick choice
  • Several matching conditions can be set: always minimum cost, but also individual size and colours, per type of brick can be accurately preset. You can define the desired maximum amount of a certain brick because you don't have more of them. And the cost is accurately calculated. And the brick sets are completely integrated with the Bricklink data. Legoaizer can be completely tailored to your needs.
Save and re-use
  • Legoaizer remembers your last and favourite settings as projects, so you can resume any time with your brick mosaic. LEGO® mosaic creation is interactive and very easy to use, and all output is in readable and printable formats, like bitmaps and excel spreadsheet with amount, cost and position/orientation data.
Ministeck is back
  • Legoaizer can also create Ministeck® mosaics. It uses the full spectrum of the just 5 different shapes, including the favourite L-shape piece. Legoaizer will optimize the use of commercially available sets and parts, so your cost is minimized. Creating your own Ministeck® masterpiece has never been easier.
Download your copy
  • The software is free to use, is fully functional during the grace period, after which some restrictions will apply. It's freeware for any use. Some advanced features are only available for licensed users.
  • The current version is fully integrated with the Bricklink price database. These databases are regularly updated to keep your project cost estimation as realistic as possible.

  • a minor bug fix in peg-board preview for large preview windows
  • added a true size output in .pdf (special printing) for shaped peg-boards
  • better readable output in the pegboard pdf output
  • fixed an colour selection issue after returning from a goo-ing action
  • general improvements in the (pegboard) features
  • the full set of Artkal boxes and fude beads sets



OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (x86-x64)
Language: ML / ENG
Medicine: Activator
Size: 8,80 MB.
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