Flash Secure Optimizer 2.4.11

Flash Secure Optimizer (FSO) is a software that can obfuscate, protect, encrypt, optimize and compress SWF files. Flash Secure Optimizer (FSO) provides you a simple custom user interface. You have only some clicks to protect/optimize your SWF files.

  • Identifier Renaming (Identifier Obfuscation): FSO Reads SWF file and retrieves all identifiers and smartly converts identifier names to meaningless characters.
  • Obscure Actionscript: FSO protects your ActionScript codes by obscuring them so decompilers cannot retrieve any useful code from protected SWF file.
  • Strings Encryption: FSO allows you to select the strings in your SWF file, encrypt them in the SWF file using a very secure encryption algorithm, and decrypt them when needed at runtime.
  • Encrypted Domain Locking: FSO will protect your SWF files from being played offline or on other websites. Specify a list of domain names that you want your SWF files to be launched from.The domains you have locked the application to are encrypted inside the SWF files and will only be decrypted at runtime.
  • Redirect URL: If your SWF file played offline or on other websites, the user will redirect to this URL.
  • Message: If your SWF file played offline or on other websites, this message will show. (This feature is only supported by ActionScript 3)
The list of identifiers that FSO renames them are :
  • All Variable Names
  • Function Names and Parameters
  • Instance Names
  • Frame Labels
  • Class Members:
  • Class Names
  • Property Names
  • Method Names and Parameters
  • Package Names
Optimization:You have many options to compressing/optimizing SWF files:
  • Shapes Optimization
  • Fonts Optimization
  • Morphs Optimization
  • Pictures Optimization
  • Sounds Optimization
  • ActionScripts Optimization
  • Remove null points
  • Packing tag headers
  • Zlib compression
  • Remove Metadata



OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (x86-x64)
Language: ENG
Medicine: RegFile
Size: 2,11 MB.
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