DryLab System

DryLab System is a missing link in a dry printing revolution. Essentially, it is a software-based solution that allows you to work with any printer like on a professional DryLab but for a fraction of its price. DLS is available in 4 versions covering different needs. The most advanced combines your local and network printers together as a single, multi-format and speed accelerated machine.


  • Designed for fast processing and printing a series of photos with minimal effort. Ideal to use in photo laboratories as well as studio’s shoots.
  • Seamless instant color corrections and limitless cropping on a single or a whole group of photos makes DLS a perfect everyday solution.
  • Built-in archive allows on change corrections and touch photos as many time as you need. All operations are performed without image quality degradation and without modifying the original file.

Key Features

  • DryLab System is equipped with a number of features that help you go through the processing of a group of photos in a quick manner. Meet the most important of them.
  • Instant color corrections: Y, M, C, D as well as Saturation, Gamma, Contrast, Sharpness and Levels.
  • Stepless cropping and crop rotation.
  • Brightness and contrast automatic corrections. Optional Color Science I2E advanced plugin.
  • Customizable border, free image sizing and positioning on a page. Colored background.
  • Multiple printing modes: Bordless/bordered Single picture, Index Print, Timestamping.
  • Automatic orders’ archiving up to 1000 orders in non-destructive editing workflow.
  • Color Management workflow based on ICC profiles with print colors “soft proofing”.
  • Precise printer alignment to compensate hardware margins and minimise crop differences.


  • [+] Increase newet by 50% of the speed of sending the order — currently the order is printed after the first photo has been received
  • [+] Changing the format display format in PrintMkaer: Printer / media / format
  • [+] Ability to independently sort printers / media / formats by dragging them on the list
  • [+] Added protection to load the damaged configuration in PrintProcessor
  • [+] Introduction of the possibility of copying configurations for printers of the same type
  • [+] Introduction of the possibility of printing a definable part of a card, e.g. 10x10 on 10x15 format
  • [+] Enter the ability to set your own number of thumbnails on the index
  • [+] Updated translations
  • [!] Fixing the trimming error of the index printout
  • [!] Fixing printing error of source black and white files
  • [!] Fixing the opening of .psd formats
  • [!] Repairing the Express function
  • [!] Repairing the index printing error with imposed automatic correction
  • [!] Fixing photo printing error using i2e automation
  • [!] Fixing the error of a long file name
  • [!] Fixing photo printing error with Polish characters in the name
  • [!] Fixing the transfer of the number of copies of printed photos from MPK
  • [!] Repairing the printing error on the network
  • [!] Fixing a zero divide error if the thumbnail can not be loaded


OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (x86-x64)
Language: ENG
Medicine: Crack by DFoX
Size: 6,70 MB.

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