StartIsBack+ 1.7.6 Final | StartIsBack++ 2.9.1 Final | RePack by D!akov | StartIsBack AiO 1.0.19 RePack by elchupacabra

StartIsBack+ 1.7.6 Final RePack by D!akov — Multilingual registered version. Renewed activation.
StartIsBack++ 2.9.1 Final RePack by D!akov — Multilingual registered version.
StartIsBack AiO 1.0.17 RePack by elchupacabra — Multilingual registered version

StartIsBack — the missing Windows 8 start menu is back. Get the most useful and authentic start menu for Windows 8.x.

StartIsBack is a tiny application that gives you the possibility of assigning the classical Start button and Start menu to Windows 8. It packs a few configuration settings that can be handled by users of any level of experience.

Unlike other similar apps which return the old Start menu and button, the side menu of StartIsBack is transparent and highlights every new program in the list.

When it comes to functionality, StartIsBack integrates some useful features. For example, if you search the computer for a new item, this is instantly shown in the results area (if it was previously indexed by Windows).

As we have mentioned before, StartIsBack comes with a multitude of configuration settings; these concern the Start menu items and behavior (e.g. display My Computer as a link, hide Default Programs and Device and Printers), appearance (e.g. disable taskbar translucency, hide the Start button) and switching rules (e.g. show the desktop when logging onto the PC, switch to the last used application when clicking the Start screen).

Other options refer to uncluttering items in the Start screen (by renaming the Start screen to «Apps» and by keeping only the modern apps in that location), the advanced system commands menu (combine the Start button context menu with the one of the Start screen) and Windows tweaks (e.g. store and display recently opened programs). Furthermore, you can disable StartIsBack for the current user.

StartIsBack does not put a strain on the computer's overall performance, as it uses a pretty low amount of CPU and system memory. It is pretty responsive to key strokes and mouse commands. We have not encountered any issues throughout our testing; StartIsBack did not hang, crash or display error dialogs. Thanks to its intuitive yet rich features, the application should please users of all skill levels.

StartIsBack AiO — a useful utility for Windows users 8/8.1/10, which returns to the interface of the OS is familiar and the familiar start menu from Windows 7. Although Microsoft and implemented in Win 10 by popular demand of users start menu, but it has a different design and redesigned functionality. If it is more convenient for you to work with the Launch that was in Win 7, then there is no need to roll back to the old versions of the OS — you just need to use this application.
The program is flexibly adjusted to individual user preferences, allowing you to fully organize your start menu. To do this, there are several menu layouts, start icons (you can use your own), adjustable transparency (the menu and taskbar), large icons are available, the «All programs» drop-down list (as in Windows XP), etc. In addition, you can display frequently used metro applications (as well as delete unnecessary ones), sort lists of programs by name, highlight recently installed ones, use improved search, adjust the display of symbolic icons (downloads, videos, games, this computer, network, etc.) and much more.
Thus, with the help of StartIsBack++ work on the PC will become more familiar, convenient, productive and stylish, allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of the classic start menu.

Changes in StartIsBack+ 1.7.6 Final

  • Digital signature updated

Changes in StartIsBack++ 2.9 Final

  • Improved dynamic translucency: window covering taskbar will make it half-translucent (like ChromeOS)
  • Better icon is used for All Programs folders in high DPI
  • Allow to override default menu pane with StartMenuDefaultView key
  • Fixed Win10 start menu not highlighting start button in 1903
  • Fixed jumplist RTL issues
  • Fixed Run as administrator missing from desktop UWP apps
  • Fixed search terms reappearing as search results

Changes in StartIsBack AiO 1.0.19

  • Added version 2.9.1 to the build (for Windows 10)

RePack by D!akov

Features RePack version
  • Type: Installation.
  • Language: ML.
  • Cut: nothing.
  • Activation performed.
  • Silent install: /S

RePack by elchupacabra

  • Combined in one distribution version: 2.1.2 (for Windows 8), 1.7.6 (for Windows 8.1), 2.8.7 (for Windows 10)
  • Does not require registration (patch)
  • The ability to install additional images of the start button (40 PCs.).)
  • Ability to import settings from settings.reg (if located next to the installer)


OS: Windows 8 / 8.1 / 10 (x86-x64)
Language: ML / ENG / RUS
Medicine: Activator / Keygen
Size: 3,37 / 1,09 / 1,09 / 1,10 / 3,37 MB.

Download StartIsBack++ From Homepage:
Installer StartIsBack++

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Download StartIsBack+ 1.7.6 Final RePack by D!akov:

Download Only Activator for StartIsBack++:

Download Full StartIsBack++ 2.9.1:

Download 2.9.1 Final RePack by D!akov:

Download 1.0.19 RePack by elchupacabra:


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Added version 1.2.1 RePack by D!akov
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