XMeters Pro

Keeping track of your system's current resource consumption is the first step toward detecting any issues. If you're looking for a fashionable and customizable system information viewer, you can try your luck with XMeters. Focusing solely on CPU, RAM, network and storage activity, the highlight feature of this app is that it gets integrated with the Windows taskbar. By just taking a glance at the readings next to the clock, you can quickly learn how much CPU, memory, storage and network traffic is being used by the computer and running applications.

Real-time System Monitoring
  • Display a live view of your most important system information at all times.

Completely Customizable
  • Change the look of XMeters to match your workspace.

Designed for Performance
  • XMeters is designed to be as lightweight and battery-friendly as possible.

Key Features
View real-time system stats in the taskbar
  • The tool requires .NET Framework 4.0 or newer. If you don't have this built-in Windows feature turned on, XMeters refuses to run properly. After installation, it's necessary to reboot the system. Although this isn't specified during setup, the app autoruns at every Windows startup without your intervention.
  • To add/remove it from the taskbar, you can open the right-click menu and select/deselect the «XMeters» entry from the «Toolbars» submenu. Customization settings are available from a stylish window, where changes are reflected in real time so you can easily decide upon the preferred configuration.

Customize the refresh rate, colors and other properties
  • You can choose the stats type separately for CPU, storage, network and memory (bar, pie, text), as well as set the refresh rate. For CPU, you can set the outline, system and user colors, as well as show individual cores and separate the user/privileges utilization.



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