Win10 Widgets 4.0 for Rainmeter by TJ Markham | Win10 Widgets 2.0 Mod by The Virus

Win10 Widgets launches your desktop into the future; taking it from a collection of files and folders to a place where you can find all the information you need, when you need it. Weather, WiFi, battery, music, and more; all available at a glance.

Win10 Widgets is a program to display widgets on the Windows desktop. The latest version has been added to the Russian language, but that it really worked, you must take turns to install the program.

What is Rainmeter
Win10 Widgets runs using an open source program called Rainmeter. Rainmeter is a lightweight application that allows your computer to display customizable widgets like Win10 Widgets.

Instructions to Activate Win10 Widgets by TJ Markham
  • First download and run Win10-Widgets.Rainmeter-4.0.exe is the original Rainmeter installation file with the Win10 Widgets skin.
  • Next, update the program by installing Rainmeter-4.1.exe.
  • Finally, put the crack Win10Widgets_RU_3_1.rmskin over the installed program Rainmeter with skin Win10 Widgets.
  • Restart the computer.

Instructions for Mod by The Virus
1. Install Rainmeter 4.2;2. Set the skin (Black / White);3. Install the extension in the WebNowPlaying Companion browser (optional).

Mod by The Virus Changelog
  • Added a light theme;
  • Added the load widget of the GPU;
  • Added cryptocurrency widget;
  • Solved the problem with the weather widget;
  • Optimization of widgets.



OS: Windows 10 (x86-x64)
Language: ENG / RUS
Medicine: Crack
Size: 5,88 / 4,06 MB.
Download 4.0 by TJ Markham:
Download 2.0 Mod by The Virus:

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