Vector Clock Pro 2.20

Vector Clock Pro combines high-fidelity graphics engine, advanced clock scheduler functionality and beautiful art in a product, you won't find anywhere else. It is designed, to provide you with very flexible alarm features, wide selection of clock skins and a great visualisation possibilities. With Vector Clocks, you always see a high quality view of the Clock regardless of size, rotation or 3D tilt. At the same time, the requirements on your PC are low. Vector Clock Pro consumes typically 1-2% of the processor time (once per second) and it can handle any amount of alarms at this rate. Plus Vector Clock doesn't require any hardware acceleration — it is pure software based so it runs on any PC.

With Vector Clock Pro, you can use not only any of the available 101+ clock skins, but you can also create your own clocks, if you would wish so. The part of the Vector Clocks suite of tools is also the Vector Clock Designer application, where you can either modify existing clocks or create a whole new clock designs.


Multiple Alarms
  • You can use unlimited amount of one-time, on-date, hourly, daily, monthly and annual alarms and countdowns.
  • Alarms can be configured for a very specific recurrency patterns, such as — repeat on a specific days, recur on particular days, weekly, bi-weekly (etc.), certain weeks, months and years.
  • You can be notified about upcomming Alarm with configurable Alert and when the Alarm is due, it can be postponed to be due again later with Reminder or Snooze function.
  • Alarms can trigger user configurable Actions, such as Run External Application, Open Webpage, Show Image, Play Music or Sound, Show Message, Power Off, Log Off, Reboot, Sleep, Hibernate, Run or Stop Screensaver.

Periodic Timers
  • Available is also a special type of Alarm called «Periodic Timer», which lets you define any irregular recurrency such as — every 5 minutes, each 2 seconds, etc., in combination with specification of hours, days, weeks, months and years to run.

Countdown Alarm for EBay Auctions
  • Alarm specifically designed for quickly adding countdown timer for EBay Auctions. You just copy and paste the URL address of any EBay Auction, click on Retrieve button and clock will download and analyze the page — automatically extracting name of the goods, ending time and time zone.

Full TimeZones support
  • Alarms can be defined in different timezones, than the time zone of the clock. Clock will then display and maintain dual listing of Alarm times. This way, you can easily manage reminders in your local time, where you only know, what the time of event is in different time zone (eg. on the other side of the globe).

Calendar View in Tray area
  • All clock Alarms are displayed in a Calendar View, which is accessible by clicking on the clock (i) Info Button or just by hovering the mouse over the Clock Tray Icon.

Animated Graphic for Alarms
  • A new feature available in Pro version is the ability to easily assign custom animations to Alarms. Together with custom sounds and photos or images, this creates a whole new level of personalization and visualization experience. The distinctive theme oriented animations can be used to ensure, you are going to notice the alarm.

Interchangeable Clock Skins
  • Your desktop gets never boring with changeable Clock Skins. Available are various analog clock designs or even event-oriented countdown clocks, such as upcoming Royal Wedding or World Championship in Ice Hockey or any other event.


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