PrimoCache 3.2.0 Final | 4.0.0 Alpha Desktop Edition | Server Edition

PrimoCache is a supplementary software caching scheme that cooperates with physical memory, solid-state drives (SSDs) and flash drives to provide data caching for local physical disks. It transparently stores disk data into fast cache devices such as physical memory, so that future read requests for those data will be served directly from the cache and be faster. Thus access time will be reduced, showing a great improvement in overall system performance.

What Can You Do With It?
  • If you have 4GB or more memory, you can use a portion of the memory as cache to accelerate local disks, including mechanical disks, SSDs and flash drives, and iSCSI disks.
  • If you have memory not seen by Windows, usually in 32-bit Windows, you can use this hidden memory as cache to accelerate local disks and iSCSI disks.
  • If you have a SSD and a mechanical disk on your system, you are able to partition a portion or all of this SSD as cache to accelerate the mechanical disk.
  • If you have a spare USB 3.0 flash drive, you can use it as cache to accelerate your mechanical disks.

PrimoCache In Detail
PrimoCache implements a two-level caching architecture consisting of level-1 cache and level-2 cache. Level-1 cache, also called primary cache, is composed of physical memory. Level-2 cache is a secondary cache which typically resides on a solid-state drive, a flash drive or other fast persistent storage device. Obviously level-1 cache runs much faster than level-2 cache, although it is usually much smaller. PrimoCache allows a single level cache configuration using either level-1 cache or level-2 cache, as well as a two-level cache configuration using both levels of cache. Unlike level-1 cache which cannot keep cache contents on reboot, level-2 cache is able to retain its cache contents across computer reboots because of the persistent nature of storage devices. This avoids fetching often-accessed data again from slow disks each time computer boots up. Thus level-2 cache will remarkably reduce boot-up time and speed up applications for those computers which install mechanical hard disks. PrimoCache also supports write-deferred caching mode, which executes write requests on the cache first and synchronizes data from the cache to the disk after custom delays. Therefore write requests can be responded and completed very fast, greatly improving the disk write performance. In addition, PrimoCache implements the Unified Invisible Memory Management Interface (UIMMI), which can use Invisible Memory as level-1 cache. Invisible Memory, also known as Unmanaged Memory, usually exists on 32-bit desktop Windows where 4GB or more physical memory is installed. This feature helps to overcome the Windows limits on amount of system memory and fully utilize all installed physical memory. PrimoCache fulfills an intelligent cache replacement algorithm which optimally determines cache blocks needed to be discarded to make room for new data when cache space is full. This cache algorithm combines two normal algorithms which are Least Frequently Used (LFU) and Least Recently Used (LRU), and provides a better cache hit ratio. It is self-tuning and requires no user-specified parameters. PrimoCache allows multiple cache strategies and flexible configurations. It is implemented in Windows kernel level and is transparent to other applications. Therefore no application or system changes are required for this caching solution. With PrimoCache, you can easily setup caches for local disks and speed up your computers.

  • Supports physical memory, solid-state drives and flash drives as cache storage.
  • Implements a two-level caching architecture.
  • Supports persistent level-2 caching.
  • Supports Write-Through and Write-Deferred caching modes.
  • Supports TRIM command.
  • Supports OS Invisible Memory.
  • Supports pre-fetching data into cache.
  • Implements an intelligent and self-tuning cache replacement algorithm.
  • Supports caching strategies: Read/Write Caching, Read-Only Caching and Write-Only Caching.
  • Supports performance statistics and monitor.
  • Supports caching for multiple volumes
  • Supports caching for volumes with proprietary file system.
  • Supports caching for volumes on basic and dynamic disks.
  • Supports plug and play.
  • Supports command-line interface.

Why PrimoCache?
Why do we need PrimoCache since Windows has already implemented a file-system level cache?
  • PrimoCache is a block-level cache program which caches data on a logical block basis (offsets within a disk), while windows cache is a file-system level program which caches on a virtual block basis (offsets within a file). Each has strengths and weaknesses, and PrimoCache can be a good supplement to Windows cache.
  • Some applications can bypass Windows cache but cannot bypass PrimoCache because PrimoCache runs at a lower level in Windows.
  • Windows caches all data, while PrimoCache can cache on behalf of a specified volume in which users are interested. Given same size of system memory, the latter has a higher hit-rate.
  • PrimoCache supports persistent SSD caching for mechanical hard disks, improving system boot-up time and applications loading time. Windows cache cannot.
  • PrimoCache can customize write-deferred mode, while Windows cache cannot.
  • PrimoCache can make use of Invisible Memory on 32-bit Windows as cache, overcoming the Windows limits on amount of system memory.

How to use Bundle Trial Reset


Changelog Trial Reset v3.2.0
  • Instead of symbolic links in the file system for token files, a trick with hard links is used (short names on the system volume are automatically included);
  • Permanent symbolic links in the registry are no longer used, only temporary (located in RAM and valid only until reboot);
  • Disabling the Primo Ramdisk driver for the first time using the Trial Reset and the next two reboots is no longer required.
  • Anti-virus alarms are false positive;
  • Don't forget to uninstall all previous versions of Trial Reset!


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OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (x86-x64)
Language: ENG / Русификатор
Medicine: Romex Software: Trial Reset v3.2.0 PoC
Size: 3,31 MB.
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Desktop Edition Installer | Server Edition Installer
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Reasons for raising the release: Added new Trial Reset


Добавил Русификатор от Levvon
Added fix for Trial Reset. Try once add to registry PossibleFix.reg immediately before applying TrialReset. Thanks to Levvon
Trial Rest udated to version 1.2.7
Trial Rest udated to version 1.3.9
Trial Reset 2.0.10 by Levvon — Огромная благодарность автору за его труд!

• Связка из RegSaver и ERUNT заменена на RegBack и RegRest из Win2KSvrResKitSupp1, что предположительно решит проблему зятяжной перезагрузки/выключения (в предыдущих версиях TR этот момент можно обойти, перезапустив Explorer/Проводник непосредственно перед перезагрузкой/выключением).

P.S. Для успешной работы TR необходимо соблюдение следующих условий:

• Системная временная папка [при запуске через политики] и/или временная папка пользователя [при ручном запуске] должны находиться на том же томе (локальном диске), что и сама операционная система. Это ограничение RegBack.exe от M$: ALL FILES MUST BE ON THE SAME VOLUME, THEY ARE RENAMED NOT COPIED!

• Системные переменные среды TMP и TEMP, а также переменные среды пользователя TMP и TEMP должны содержать путь к временным папкам в полном виде (НЕ в коротком формате 8.3), в том же регистре, включая букву диска, что и фактически на диске, и без слэша (косой черты) в конце. Это из-за того, что exe-версия TR v2.0.10 криво подчищает за собой мусор от предыдущих сбросов триала; все bat-версии вообще «гадят», где попало.

• Не следует в течение одной сессии загрузки Windows использовать ручной сброс и сброс через политики, иначе он не срабатывает. Причина в предыдущем пункте.

P.S. Всё это исправимо, но позже…
links are down
for trial reset
Well, it doesn´t matter because trial reset doesn't work for this version.
the crack doesn't even on 3.0.2 kernel component is not running… even after reboot 64bit system win7
Yes, the crack doesn't work. People who are working doing medicines for this program said that for now is impossible to do any crack. If they finally get any medicine for this version or newer, we will upload it. Thanks for the advise and sorry for the delay. :(
Can someone confirm if this is really working? guys??
What exactly are you asking for: if the medicine works or if this program works at all?
I'm asking if the medicine works?
cause I tested it add it to shutdown script, the days still counting down from 30days to 27 days…
It means the medicine is not working anymore with 3.0.8 Preview
1. Through PCHunter (or you can try running the registry editor with this and delete everything you need without problems) delete in the registry 3 branches according to the instructions. The only difference is that I had them not in ControlSet001, but in CurrentControlSet
2. Through PCHunter, delete the file in System32. To find: sort the files by size, mine was 647 bytes with the attribute «NO».
3. Start the "fixed batch file" (Replace them with the same file in the Trial Reset folder) with admin rights. Reboot system
4. Start PrimoCash and VUAL)) 60 days
5. Look after rebooting the file in System32. It should appear again in the size of 845 bytes and increase.

It may help…
I'm so sorry but I don't follow what you said… can you make a video guide how to apple the fix batch file?
I run pchunter but its having an error about «Load error driver»
I run PowerRun, its running now what to do next?

what do I need to delete in system32?
You should delete the marker file, but in the new Trial Reset it looks for it automatically. Just start the batch file and reboot the system. I can not make a video, because I do not use this program. I have enough Diskeeper, which automatically writes to the free RAM memory cache of the most frequently used programs. Write about the result. Forward to hearing.
I updated the fixed batch file but still the same, I try to change date to test but it expires after restarting… I added the script in the gpedit shutdown script. its not working
Maybe you are making a mistake somewhere, because for many who used it everything works without problems… Now I will try to give a description of one more option.

Checked (by oval2003) on a virtual machine with Windows 10 LTSC x64 (version 1809, build 17763.1) and PrimoCache (Server Edition) 3.0.9. On PrimoCache (Desktop Edition) did not check.
To reset the trial I used Bundle Trial Reset v3_PrimoCache 2.3.0–2.7.0 & Primo Ramdisk 5.7.0.

By oval2003
I decided to experiment here with resetting the trial… I moved the «file label» to the RAM disk, and in its place I placed a «symbolic link» in System32, and since the contents of the RAM disk are deleted during the reboot, I received a guaranteed reboot deleting the «file tag» and guaranteed trial reset. With this approach, a reset occurs even if the time is transferred one year ahead, i.e. for a period longer than the trial… With this approach, there is no need to reset the trial in «safe mode»…
P.S. I abandoned the RAM disk, because sometimes I get when I download BSoD. Instead of a RAM disk, I bit off a part of the physical disk and created a small partition (12 meters) on which I threw this file mark. And in the bat-nickname which in the completion policy added the command to quickly format the disk…
I completely follow your guide but I think the one you are using is working and the one here is not working…
can you please upload the Bundle Trial Reset v3_PrimoCache 2.3.0–2.7.0 & Primo Ramdisk 5.7.0 that you use.
This is the medicine that is above. Need to apply it. I myself wrote earlier that I do not use this program.
I need help please when I add the script in the shutdown script the restarting takes time to load… I have to force restart the computer… why does it says x86 when loading when I use 64 bit?
Unfortunately, I do not understand what you are asking. I will be happy to help if I understand clearly and clearly what the problem is. As I wrote earlier, I do not use this program.
Sorry for the confusion, what I'm trying to say is when I the trial resetter and set it as a shutdown script, the shutdown and restart of the computer takes a lot of time and it even stuck. Means I have to force reset the computer.

But If I dont use the script trial resetter the restart is fast!
Sorry, now I understand what is being said. I do not know what could be the problem. Do you use an antivirus program? It can check it every time the script is run and this can lead to slow system startup. In any case, if possible, I will contact the creator of the script and ask him. I will inform you about the result immediately. Have a nice day!
I use eset but there was not detection on the script so it has nothing to do with anti-virus
but when I use that script and add it as shutdown script, the restart or shutdown on the computer takes time, I always force to restart or shutdown computer because of the script.
Change the last line of RomexPoC.bat to rem pause or delete.