Web Link Validator 5.9.595 Enterprise

Web Link Validator — Check your website and perform a comprehensive site analysis for perfect compatibility.

Site Quality.
  • Web Link Validator helps webmasters automate the process of validating websites and checking the sites for errors. Performing a thorough analysis of the entire website and all of its pages discovers broken links even if JavaScript or Flash were used. Despite what the name suggests, Web Link Validator is not limited to link checking. It reveals problems such as orphaned files, errors in HTML code, slow-loading, outdated and small pages.

Link Checker.
  • The ability to check over one million links to local files (as well as the links to external HTTP, HTTPS and FTP resources) helps webmasters make and maintain websites that are perfectly usable.

Spell Checker.
  • Not limited to machine-readable HTML language, Web Link Validator helps webmasters maintain literate content in human language. The built-in spell checker finds and corrects any spelling errors in English and over other 20 languages.

Server-based and Web-based Authentications.
  • Web Link Validator works everywhere. Secure and password-protected pages, web-based authentication and proxy servers are absolutely not a problem.

HTML/CSV Reports.
  • After performing the in-depth site analysis, Web Link Validator generates a perfectly legible report in HTML/CSV format. Powerful filters allow webmasters to concentrate on particular problem areas. Webmasters can have reports sent by email automatically if periodic checks are performed.

Easy to Use.
  • Web Link Validator is a must-have site analysis suite for webmasters, site administrators and web developers. While helping to maintain the quality of your website, Web Link Validator helps you enhance the experience of your visitors. It improves user confidence, helping site owners earn the trust and loyalty of their customers.

Key Features
  • Check over 1,000,000 local, HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP links
  • JavaScript and Adobe Flash (.SWF files) hyperlink support
  • Verification engine with browser-independent core
  • Built-in spell checker finds errors in English and over 20 other languages
  • Page rules to confirm the presence or absence of specific text, scripting, forms, etc.
  • Over 20 filters discover additional problems such as slow-loading, small, new and old pages
  • Redirected link detection protects against improper substitutions
  • More than 20 per-site customizable verification settings
  • Check HTTPS, secured and password protected pages
  • Export to HTML, CSV, RTF and Microsoft Excel formats
  • Monitor changes of specified web pages and files
  • Web-based authentication support
  • Highly customizable orphan analysis
  • Automatic emailing of reports
  • Command line support



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OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (x86-x64)
Language: ENG
Medicine: Crack
Size: 8,37 MB.
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broken links :(
Unfortunately, I can't reupload all the stuff you're asking to update. I don't have that much time plus there are newer releases that we need to update… Do you really need the almost 50 softs, which you commented, with their links updated?
Comment edited: 15 March 2023, 13:21
Yeah, kinda. But it's totally okay if no reupload for broken links. You're super busy, I understand. Thanks :)
We update links to old programs and their old versions only if the user has free time and is absolutely necessary. It makes no sense to spend a lot of time and effort updating links to old programs that no one downloads later. Such is the reality…