Fast Sitemap Maker 1.3 | Portable

Fast Sitemap Maker detects broken links as it creates an HTML or text sitemap of your website. With Fast Sitemap Maker, you’ll be able to build sitemaps which serve as the foundation for optimized SEO. Featuring an extreme level of customization, Fast Sitemap Maker lets you set parameters than include HTTP version, number of simultaneous streams, timeout limits, and limits on redirects.


  • Can crawl whole site or just part of it (‘stay in path’ option)
  • Detects broken links
  • Shows you non textual URLs (which are not web pages but links to images,downloads,zip files,videos…)
  • Shows you final URL destination if there are redirections
  • Sort any column
  • Multiple instances can run at the same time
  • Has handy functions in right click menu such as copy selected or all url,copy parameter
  • Color coded error pages and non HTML pages (you can see at a glance errors and broken links on your site)
  • It has two download versions standard installer and portable version that can be run from any computer without installation
  • Can use many simultaneous connections and get the job done in shortest time possible
  • Can run in single connection mode where only one connection is run at a time (which lets you better see what is going on and also prevents server from refusing to answer from too many requests)
  • Free version is more than enough for average users who don’t need to check more than 500 URL addresses
  • Many more…


OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (x86-x64)
Language: ENG
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Size: 0,92 MB.

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