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Creating installation media for the operating system of choice should be a quick and straightforward task, especially if you are burning the image on bootable Flash drive or SD card. Etcher is an application that allows you to burn OS images to SDcards and removable drives as directly as possible and hence, helps you avoid having to deal with sophisticated procedures.


Sleek and user-friendly interface
  • The program comes with a modern and stylish interface that consists of a single window where you can specify the image you want to burn and the drive. You should know that the application supports only a handful of images, namely ISO, IMG or ZIP file formats.
  • You will be happy to learn that the app does most of the operations automatically and that your only assignments entail selecting the OS image and the card. In case you have multiple cards connected to your computer, then the tool allows you to pick the one you prefer for processing.
  • Once it is done burning, the app offers you the possibility to load a new image or burn the same one on another drive. As a side note, the app does not display the local drives, a feature that can help first-time users avoid a lot of inconveniences and confusion. Most importantly, you can avert very unpleasant situations, such as wiping your hard disk, for example.

Allows you to create a bootable image in 3 easy steps
  • The advantage of the program comes from the way it simplified an operation that is not recommended for beginners. Simply put, creating installation media can be summarized to choosing the image and the device.
  • Unfortunately, the application does not come with too many configuration options. Then again, you can set the utility to auto-unmount on success and toggle the error reporting tool, a feature that can aid you to analyze potential issues that prevented the process.

An efficient image burning tool
  • If you are looking for a hassle-free solution that allows you to burn the operating system of choice to an SDcard or other removable drives fast and without any complications, then perhaps Etcher might come in handy.

Key Features

Validated Burning
  • No more writing images on corrupted cards and wondering why your device isn't booting.

Hard Drive Friendly
  • Makes drive selection obvious to avoid wiping your entire hard-drive

Beautiful Interface
  • Who said burning SD cards has to be an eyesore.

Open Source
  • Made with JS, HTML, node.js and Electron. Dive in and contribute!

Cross Platform
  • Works for everyone,no more complicated install instructions.

More on the way
  • 50% faster burns, simultaneous writing for multiple drives.


Homepage | Changelog
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (x86-x64)
Language: ML / ENG
Medicine: FreeWare
Size: 34,12 MB.

Download From Homepage:
Installer x32 | Installer x64 | Portable x32 | Portable x64


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