Adguard 6.2.437.2171 Final Premium | RePack by rjkzy

Adguard provides you with a reliable and manageable protection that immediately and without your participation filters the loading web pages. Adguard removes all the annoying ads, blocks loading of dangerous websites, and will not allow anyone to track your activities on the Internet.

Adguard is an install-and-forget program. Installation process will take no longer than 3 minutes. After that, you just surf the internet as you usually do. Adguard protects your computer and doesn't make you change your web habits. After running Adguard, the program immediately starts to filter all your Internet bandwidth quietly and very quickly.


Protection and blocking
When processing a web page, Adguard does several things at once:
  • Removes ads and online tracking code directly from the page.
  • Checks a page against our database of phishing and malicious sites.
  • Checks the reputation of the website and informs you about it, if necessary.

Comfort and safety
  • You will be amazed how much more comfortable and safer the Internet will be after you install Adguard.

Adguard for Windows
  • Short list of important changes: greatly reduced memory usage, we introduced convenient addition of new ad filters, integration with WoT is now a separate extension, added support for new browsers, fixed conflicts with popular programs and defects in the processing of requests and more.

Memory usage reduction
  • We have significantly optimized memory usage in 5.10. Now, even if you use an old computer or a weak netbook, Adguard will work silently in a background without slowing down your device. We compared memory footprint with the one of the preceding version. And we must say 5.10 showed a result several times lower.

More ad filters
  • In addition, Adguard has became an even more comprehensive program. Now users can install any ad filters. What does it mean? In addition to the filters that are already installed in Adguard by default, you can add third-party ones, such as a list of filters that allow Adguard to block ads in different segments of the Internet — websites in different languages, in particular. All of this can be done directly in the program, simply by selecting a filter you want and clicking on the «Add selected» button.

Displaying the possible danger
  • Integration with Web of Trust is now brought out in the separate extension, which can be disabled. Also a warning when visiting a suspicious website has changed. With the help of WoT, our Adguard is able to notify you instantly about the reputation of websites and show the reasons for which the site is considered to be suspicious. «Categories of suspicion» can be, in particular: scam, potentially illegal, misleading claims or unethical, poor customer experience, privacy risks and others.

RePack by rjkzy

  • Treatment carried out: the life premium license.
  • If you have already installed any version of the program, followed by updating and activating the program.
  • At the end of the installation, the user decides to run or not to run the program.
  • Launching the program will begin with an introductory page (master settings).
  • The system must be installed client profile Microsoft .NET Framework 4. In case of absence will be offered the automatic installation from the Microsoft website.



OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (x86-x64)
Language: ML / ENG / RUS
Medicine: Patch / Activator / Trial Resset
Size: 16,79 / 49,19 MB.

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это еще не финал, а только beta/RC2
И ТО В этом архиве версия 6.0.189 от 9.2.2016
Это финал! Просто ещё не были обновлены ссылки на главной странице. Нужно подождать или просто установить версию из архива (это то, что качается сейчас с оф сайта) и потом обновится…
Это вчера было так, а сегодня присвоили статус ESTABLE
говорю же это не новая версия, а фейк алкеровский, даже сама программа beta не видит это финал как релиз новой версии

да и цифровая подпись у установщика что в вашем архиве старая не от этой версии
Алкер не является производителем этой программы и его упоминание абсолютно не при чём. Он просто сделал триал ресет и ещё до появления этой версии. Цифровая подпись не может быть новой по одной простой причине: в архиве старая версия и подпись соответствует дате её выпуска. Новая версия пока не доступна для скачивания с главной страницы — ждёмс…
Пока доступна только бета версия был возвращён предыдущий релиз со специальным установщиком на 180 дней от COMSS…
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