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Netsparker Desktop is available as a Windows application and is an easy-to-use web application security scanner that uses the advanced Proof-Based vulnerability scanning technology and has built-in penetration testing and reporting tools.

Netsparker's unique Proof-Based Scanning Technology allows you to allocate more time to fix the reported flaws.
  • Netsparker automatically exploits the identified vulnerabilities in a read-only and safe way, and also produces a proof of exploitation. Therefore you can immediately see the impact of the vulnerability and do not have to manually verify it.
Netsparker's dead-accurate scanning technology finds more vulnerabilities.
  • Netsparker’s unique vulnerability scanning technology has better coverage and finds more vulnerabilities than any other scanner, as proven when tested in head to head independent comparison tests.
Netsparker Desktop allows you to automate more.
  • The primary goal of a web application security scanner is to eliminate the repetitive drudgery of web security testing, leaving you free to use your skills in areas where you make a real difference. Netsparker Desktop boasts an arsenal of automated security testing weapons that get straight to the point, providing users with the precise information.
Easy to Use — Start a scan in just seconds
  • You need the right tools to get the job done without the extended learning curve. Netsparker Desktop is just that. It has an intuitive user interface that allows you to start scanning your web applications within seconds.
Scan Any Type of Web Application
  • Netsparker fully supports AJAX and JavaScript-based applications and can scan any type of web application, regardless of the technology it is built with. Therefore you do not have to get bogged with configuring the scanner and can rely on the comprehensive security scanning engine to scan modern HTML5, SPA, Web 2.0 applications and any other type of web application.
Detect More Vulnerabilities in Your Web Applications and Web Services
  • Netsparker web application security scanner identified all the direct impact vulnerabilities when tested in third party independent benchmark tests**, thus leading all other scanners. These results are further proof that the Netsparker scanners have the most advanced and dead-accurate crawling & vulnerability scanning technology, and the highest web vulnerabilities detection rate. So why settle for the second best?
Automate more with Netsparker
  • Netsparker scanners have a unique self-fine-tuning technology. You do not have to configure URL rewrite rules or custom 404 error pages. And when scanning a password protected website you have to simply specify the credentials without the need to record any login macros. With such automation you can scan 100s & 1000s of websites without wasting hours getting bogged down in configuring the scanners.
No need to manually verify web vulnerabilities
  • You do not have to manually verify the vulnerabilities the Netsparker scanner identify during a scan because it automatically exploit detected vulnerabilities in a safe and read-only way. The scanner also generates a proof of exploit highlighting its impact. Netsparker will alert you If a vulnerability cannot be verified automatically.




OS: Windows Server 2008 / 2012 / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (x86-x64)
Language: ENG
Medicine: Activated!
Size: 91,27 MB.

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