Windows Firewall Notifier 2.0.6258 Portable

As its name implies, Windows Firewall Notifier (shortly known as WFN) will track all the active processes and services and notifies you each time an application wants to connect to your computer. On this manner, you can easily safeguard your PC, as well as your personal documents against viruses, malware, spam and other threats lurking the Internet.

Being designed mostly to extend the functionality of the default Windows embedded Firewall, the application is aimed at fully-customize the way of managing the rules and tracking all the processes that are connected to your computer. As you might know, each time a process or service is detected, the Firewall prompts you with a small notification window from where you can allow or block the access to your files.
By default, the Windows operating system does not block any of the outgoing connections, meaning that your entire computer is exposed to threats and that any program you have installed on your PC (especially those apps downloaded from untrusted websites) can send information to unauthorized sources without your consent.

  • When you launch the program for the first time, you can enable the notifications, as well as create a blocking rule in order to strengthen some security settings. Additionally, Windows Firewall Notifier blocks all the apps even if you disable WFN notifications.
  • The main window displays all of the available processes and active connections along with some basic information such as ‘Protocol’, ‘Local address’, ‘Local port’ and ‘Creation Time’. Also, the closed connections (marked with the orange color) will be displayed in the main window for a few seconds before disappearing.
  • By accessing the Rules section, you can preview all the available Windows Firewall rules, as well as manually create new ones or remove them if required.
  • To conclude, Windows Firewall Notifier comes in handy for users who need to monitor all the outgoing connections and available services, as well as view real-time information regarding the Firewall rules.

  • Added a retry for the logfile writing, with an error if it fails consistently. This should finally fix all of the logfile related crashes!
  • Handle non-standard ephemeral port ranges properly.
  • Cached firewall profile when matching rules. This significantly reduces the time it takes for the notifier to show up.
  • Fixed glitchy pop-up animation of notifier. The start looks a lot smoother now.
  • Fixes to the notifier checkboxes. Services now shows correctly in the notifier, and the state of all the checkboxes is propagated properly. Note: the window for multiple services is non-functional.
  • Fixed a case where the notifier would not pop up anymore.



OS: Windows Vista SP2 / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (x86-x64)
Language: ENG
Medicine: FreeWare
Size: 19,03 MB.

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