ThisIsWin11 1.1.170 Final

If you need a one-stop solution to customize, set up, and manage various settings on Windows 11, ThisIsWin11 lets you do that. Here is how you can use ThisIsWin11 to get your customization done on a Windows 11 computer.

At times, you might want to change numerous settings on multiple newly installed Windows computers. Instead of going through the same steps on each computer, you can use ThisIsWin11 app to make that happen within moments. It comes with tons of options that let you change settings, install/uninstall apps, etc., at once. Whether you want to use the dark theme on apps or disable Snap Assist, you can do everything in seconds.

 Some of the essential options of ThisIsWin11 are:
  •  Use Apps/Window dark theme
  •  Enable/disable Snap Assist
  • Align Taskbar to left
  • Hide Search icon on the taskbar
  • Show/Hide hidden files, folders, and drives in File Explorer
  • Remove XPS Document Writer
  • Remove Microsoft Teams on Startup
  • Disable Game DVR feature
  • Disable Diagnostic data
  • Disable Compatibility Telemetry
  • Disable Advertising ID for Relevant Ads
  • Disable Suggested Content in Settings app
  • Disable Windows Hello Biometrics
  • Disable App notifications
  • Disable App access to microphone/call/notifications, etc.

There are more others that you can find in ThisIsWin11. The best thing about this app is that you can find different sections in a tree-view to manage various settings as per your requirements. For example, it comes with Personalization, System, Gaming, etc., categories that you can expand and manage the corresponding settings.

Following that, it lets you remove pre-installed apps from your computer. Not only that, but also you can re-install them whenever needed. On the other hand, you can load various app packages. Let’s assume that you need a few apps on ten computers on your network. Instead of visiting the official websites on each computer to download the packages, you can use the Packages section of this app to download and install those apps quickly. You might not find all the apps you need, but it comes with most standard apps such as 7zip, Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.


OS: Windows 10 / 11 (x86-x64)
Language: ENG
Medicine: FreeWare
Size: 0,07 MB.
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