WinReducer EX-100 | EX-110 | Portable | RePack by UpGrade

WinReducer provides you with the means to completely customize the way Windows 10 is deployed on your computer and gain control over the default configuration settings of the operating system.

OS customization tool for advanced users
  • WinReducer 10.0 basically explores the functions of an original Windows 10 ISO, enabling you to remove the ones you don't need and add new options. It then creates a new ISO or WIM image that you can use to install Windows having your own configuration set as default.
  • Before using it, please be advised that the application mainly targets experienced users, since the removal of important features can result in a non-functional deployment package. Also, it is highly recommended to test the output ISO file in a virtual environment before installing it on your PC.

Change default features and looks of Windows 10
  • Among the tweaks that WinReducer 10.0 integrates you can find appearance modifications, changes to features, service management, the removal of some built-in Metro UI apps, drivers, fonts, installed keyboards, themes and so on.
  • WinReducer 10.0 can apply modifications to the desktop context menu (by adding new items and removing existing ones), change the looks of the modern UI, add new cursors and background images, change images displayed during boot or the default theme, modify the taskbar's position and the mouse sensitivity.
  • Aside from appearance customization, WinReducer 10.0 integrates several functionality tweaks. You can use it to have programs such as the .NET Framework 3.5 installed by default or remove built-in functions and apps such as Internet Explorer 11, as well as protect certain applications and important files to prevent tampering with their settings and file deletion.

Create a personalized Windows 10 installation kit
  • WinReducer 10.0 enables you to build a custom installation package for Windows 10, containing updates, applications, drivers, unattended files and specific settings.
  • Due to the complexity of this operation, advanced skills are required to obtain a functional ISO. And even experienced users are advised to take the time to analyze the effects of removing a specific Os function before eliminating it from the deployment package.

RePack by UpGrade
  • Type: Install | Portable
  • System: x64 | x86
  • Languages: English
  • Activation: WinReducer Popup Remover (Modified by UpGrade) Credit to original author of the script (Unknown).
  • Removed: Nothing

  • 7-Zip v19.00
  • Resource Hacker v5.1.8 Build 360
  • DISM v10.0.19041.1
  • Oscdmg v2.56.0.1010
  • SetACL v3.0.6.0
  • All Themes Included (Deep Sky set as default)



Homepage | Changelog
OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 / 11 (x86-x64)
Language: ENG
Medicine: FreeWare
Size: 8,43 / 18,24 MB.
Download From Homepage:
Installer EX-100 (x32) | Installer EX-100 (x64) | Languages Files | Installer EX-110 (x64)
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Reasons for raising the release: Added RePack


a bit outdated for newer builds of 10/11 , can anyone upload updated versions and add a ntlite post too? ty
The new version, as it is been announced on its homepage, is coming out between 30.06.2022 and early July 2022.
Any updates on this? If not, can anyone fix the links for EX-100 RePack (& Portable) by UpGrade. Thanks.
For updates, you have their official changelog. There's newer version, but not repacks unfortunaly… I fixed the repack that you'd asked :)
The file has been deleted, the link is not working, can you update it?
I'll update after oyueda, now we have limited internet. Wait…