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Setup Factory – Windows installer builder. Trusted since 1991, Setup Factory is a rock-solid, reliable install creator for Windows applications. Unlike other Windows installer builder tools like InstallShield that require lengthy training courses just to get up to speed, Setup Factory was designed to be fast and easy to use.
InstallShield can’t touch it… Setup Factory is easier to use, faster to work. With and much less expensive. Join the thousands of developers who have chosen Setup Factory over Flexera InstallShield, Wise Installer and other Windows installer builders. Simply drag and drop your files onto the project window and you’re ready to build.

  • Create Professional Windows Installers
  • Advanced Installer Features that are Easy to Use
  • Installer Scripting Language for 100% Flexibility
  • Customizable Install Wizard Dialogs and Themes
  • Compact Setup.exe for Web, CD/DVD, USB & LAN
  • 100% Windows Compatibility – Ready for Windows 10 today!

Key Features
Easy To Use. No Training Needed
  • Even without prior experience or training you can create your first custom installer in just a few minutes. Download the free trial version to see how easy it is to start working with Setup Factory. No other setup creator makes it easier to design and build custom Windows installers.

Trusted Since Windows 3!
  • You can trust Setup Factory. Since 1992 we have been the setup maker of choice for thousands of software developers worldwide, with millions of Windows installers built and distributed. You simply cannot find a more tested and reliable windows installer builder than Setup Factory.

Smaller, Faster Installer Files
  • Today more than ever it’s important that your setup maker generates compact, lightning-fast installer files for distribution. No other Windows installation builder generates setup files that are more compact or perform faster than the installer files you create using Setup Factory.

Advanced Installer Features
  • Users without any coding experience can simply click to add actions from the library to build up functionality, from basic screen controls to advanced operating system commands. Advanced coders will instantly feel at home hand coding in the familiar Lua-based environment.

Target Any Version of Windows
  • Create bulletproof software installers that are fully compatible with any version of Windows without worrying about operating system compatibility or runtime issues. Setup Factory has you covered all the way, from Windows XP right up to Windows 10 and all points between.

Licensing That Makes Sense
  • As developers, we understand the challenges other developers face. Our objectives in pricing Setup Factory were to keep the costs of single-user licenses low enough for individuals to afford, yet provide deep enough multi-user discounts to make good sense for full development teams.

  • Fix: Fixed a bug where Setup Factory's design environment was incorrectly declared as DPI-aware in its manifest. This caused the interface to scale poorly in high dpi environments.
  • Fix: Enabled GDI scaling on Windows 10 (1703) or later for Setup Factory's design environment. This improves how the interface looks in high dpi environments.
  • Fix: Fixed screen previews on Windows 10 (1703) or later when GDI scaling is enabled.
  • Fix: Fixed a bug in the 'File.Install', 'File.Copy' and 'File.Move' actions where if the source file and destination file were the same, the source file would be deleted.
  • Fix: Fixed a bug in 'IRScriptEditor.exe' where if you clicked on the keyword tooltip in the editor a crash would occur. Updated version to 2.0.1003.0.
  • Fix: Added an empty string check for the base folder path in the global function 'g_FillComboBoxWithShortcutFolders' in '_SUF70_Global_Functions.lua'. If the setup was run from the 'system' account, %StartProgramsFolder% would contain a blank path causing an incorrect folder search. As a result the setup would appear to hang on the 'Select Shortcut Folder' screen.
  • Fix: Changed the 'Select Shortcut Folder's default 'On Preload' script so that '_UsePerUserFolders' is set to false, and the user profile selection is hidden if the per-user start menu programs folder was not available (returned blank). This could occur if the setup was run under the 'system' user account.
  • Fix: Fixed the order in which controls are drawn in the custom screen editor.
  • Fix: Fixed the Arrange tools in the custom screen editor so they work correctly. For example, choosing Arrange > Bring to Front now correctly brings the selected control to the front.
  • Fix: Fixed how controls are selected by left clicking in the custom screen editor. It is now possible to select a control when it is in front of another one, e.g. a radio button in front of a group box can now be selected. Clicking where controls overlap will select the control that is closest to the front (unless one of the controls is already selected).
  • Fix: Made it so clicking on a control that is in front of the selected control in the custom screen editor does not change which control is selected (unless you hold the Shift key while clicking). This is so you can interact with a control that is covered by another one. To select a different control that is above the currently selected control, first click somewhere else to deselect the current control. Alternatively, you can hold the Shift key to select the control that is closest to the front even if it's on top of another control that is already selected.
  • Fix: Made it so right-clicking on a selected control in the custom screen editor does not deselect the control. For example, you may now select a control with the drop-down menu and right-click on it to move it to the front, even if it is behind other controls.



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