Interop Tools 1.9.437.0 RC3

Interop Unlock Tools — It is a good tool to unlock the hidden part of the settings of the future project called NEON, which comes from the Redstone 3.

Remember that what is known under the name project NEON is the basis for a new design language, so it's still an early look at how will look like the new updated UI Redstone 3.

Installation instructions

  • Download the latest Interop Tools appxbundle for your device architecture and its dependencies
  • Extract both zips, and extract the certificate file if you're installing Interop Tools on a desktop device
  • If you're on a Desktop device, double click the certificate file, select Local Machine as the installation location, press next, select place the certificate into the following certificate store, and pick trusted peoples, then press ok, and next.
  • Install Interop Tools dependencies like any regular appx, by opening up the Device portal for your device, going into the application section, click on browser for the app package, select the dependency appx, and then press install, do that for each dependency
  • The install Interop Tools main appxbundle by pressing browser, pick it, then press install.



OS: Windows 10 (x86-x64)
Language: ENG
Medicine: Freeware
Size: 13,91 MB.

Скачать | Download:
Sharecode: /3bo9yaai346w

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