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Easy PC Optimizer — Speed up & optimize your computer with easy pc optimizer. Is your computer slow and full of errors? Easy PC Optimizer will fix common Windows problems, speed up computer performance and optimize your settings for maximum speed, stability and productivity. Let Easy PC Optimizer do the work while you sit back and relax!

Fast and easy to use
  • Powerful PC cleaning & optimization algorithms
  • Innovative one-click Windows speedup

Getting Started
  • When you first open Easy PC Optimizer, you will see how intuitive it is. All Easy PC Optimizer tools are available at a glance and you can choose any of them to start optimizing your Windows PC straight away.
  • The navigation options are on the left-hand side of the screen. You can either start running all its tools one by one or click on the «Analyze All» button to perform a complete scan for all types of errors and optimization possibilities. You can then fix all detected errors in two clicks.

System Cleaner
  • The System Cleaner tool will help you make your PC faster by deleting all sorts of unneeded temporary files from your computer.
  • To run a scan with Easy PC Optimizer, select or deselect the checkboxes and customize your scan. The program will remember the categories you select for future custom scans. You can clean up junk files created by Windows, apps and popular browsers.
  • When you're ready, click Analyze to start the scan. And when the scan is finished, review the results and click on Clean to get rid of annoying junk, speed up computer performance, and recover free disk space.

Internet Optimizer
  • Easy PC Optimizer has a built-in utility that will help you speed up your Internet without purchasing a faster data plan. The app will optimize Internet connection settings, and make your Internet faster and more stable.
  • Easy PC Optimizer checks important hidden Windows settings responsible for Internet connection speed and checks whether the default values selected by the operating system are the best possible or not. It then slightly tweaks the settings and ensures that they completely match your ISPs configuration. This optimization technique allows to make your Internet faster by up to 300%.

Service Manager
  • Windows is a complicated operating system that runs hundreds of internal services. The more services are enabled on your Windows installation, the more system resources they take up.
  • Most home computer users never use any of the services designed for networking and office use. Disabling these unneeded services will free up valuable system resources and improve Windows performance. Easy PC Optimizer’s built-in Service Manager will analyze the way you use your computer and apply the optimal services configuration in just two clicks.

Registry Defragmenter
  • The Windows registry is a complex database that stores all Windows settings in a structured way. As time goes by, the registry becomes bloated and fragmented. This slows down computer performance because the registry is fully kept in computer memory.
  • Easy PC Optimizer’s Registry Defragmenter defragments the Windows registry on system boot. That allows to make the registry more compact, which results in faster registry access and speeds up Windows startup.
  • Note: Easy PC Optimizer defragments the registry on Windows startup. That’s why it’s important to close all other running applications before launching defragmentation.

Startup Manager
  • Have you ever noticed that your PC takes longer to start up after a few months of use? That's because Windows loads all your startup items into your computer's memory and that takes time. Easy PC Optimizer includes a startup manager that allows you to configure the list of Windows startup items.
  • When you install software on your computer, some programs configure themselves to run on Windows startup. The more programs start on Windows boot, the longer it takes for your operating system to fully load. Easy PC Optimizer makes it a breeze to disable unnecessary startup items and helps you make your computer start faster.

  • When you're using any kind of PC optmizer, you should always take care and create backups just in case something goes wrong. With Easy PC Optimizer you don't have to worry because the app backs up your settings automatically.
  • Before you start cleaning up or deleting anything, Easy PC Optimizer backs up all your settings. This makes the program absolutely safe to use as it allows you to always undo any changes made to your system settings.

File Manager
  • The File Manager tool will help you manage files on your PC and save valuable disk space. This tool is especially handy for identifying the largest files on your computer, sorting through them and deleting multiple items in one simple click.
  • To run a scan for large files with Easy PC Optimizer, select File Manager in the menu, choose the drive you want to scan and start the scan. When the scan is complete, you'll see the analysis of your disk space usage with the files that occupy the most disk space listed on top. You can then select the files you don't need and delete them in bulk to free up disk space.

  • Every time you run system optimization with Easy PC Optimizer you will know exactly how it made your PC faster and by which means. That's possible thanks to the app's comprehensive and intuitive summary users get when optimization is finished.
  • To check your system status with Easy PC Optimizer, simply click on the Summary menu item and you will be presented with the latest scan and repair results.

  • Easy PC Optimizer has lots of customization and configuration options that you can use to make the app truly your own. All options are easy to access from the Options menu and are extremely intuitive.
  • You can customize general options like startup and restore point creation, add items to the Ignore list and configure the program to run on schedule to perform PC maintenance automatically.



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