XSplit Gamecaster Studio 3.4.1812.0304 | 4.0.2005.0501

The world's easiest way to start streaming or recording your PC or Console games.XSplit has collaborated with gaming's most popular brands, and is a proud supporter of indie game development, live production and helping content creators globally.


Supports all Capture Cards
  • XSplit Gamecaster works great with all major capture card brands including Elgato, AverMedia, Hauppauge, Magewell and more!

Display Your Webcam and Remove Background
  • It's easier than ever to add, resize and reposition your webcam, whether you're streaming or recording gameplay. Activate Chroma Key and make your broadcast even more immersive using a green screen transparency effect.

Professional production Features
  • If XSplit Broadcaster, is your canvas then multimedia sources are your paint. When producing a broadcast, add everything from your videos and music to your webcam and remote guests from skype. Utilize enhanced audio features for higher fidelity sound, and preview and edit new shots before going live with our scene preview editor.

Custom Plugins and Integrations
  • XSplit Broadcaster features a wealth of customizations thanks to our plugin store, letting you further personalize your broadcast with donation alerts, music requests and more. You can even develop your own! The possibilities are endless.

Edit and upload Recordings
  • XSplit makes it easy to sort through and manage any recorded gameplay, letting you even assemble and edit together captures with in-built editor. Once finished simply upload your videos straight to YouTube and share them accross your favorite social networks, all without leaving the application.

Chat and Follower Notifications
  • XSplit makes interaction easy with friends and fans, whether using the integrated chat or by sharing when you go live directly to Facebook and Twitter. Being able to broadcast from a single screen is important which is why whe have also added in-game follower notifications for Twitch for XSplit Gamecaster.


  • XGC-4760 — “Remember me” login may expire too often when using socials
  • Solution: Always use XSplit token to login and change «Remember me» / «Login automatically» logic
  • Note: If “Remember Me” option is checked, user will also be logged in automatically on application startup. Logging out of the application removes the remembered user information.


OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (x86-x64)
Language: ML / ENG / RUS
Medicine: Crack
Size: 102,98 MB.

Download From Homepage:
Installer v4

Download Full v3:


Guys please update this program I really love this!
New version 4 hasn't got a medicine by the moment. So, for now I reuploaded version 3 (installer+crack) in case you want to use it.
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