EasyBee — A simple file management solution. You can easily manage the files in your iPhone without using iTunes.

EasyBee is a simple application that offers an alternative, as it mounts your device as a regular disk drive and enables you to browse its contents and perform data transfers from the File Explorer. iPhone and iPad owners know all too well how difficult it can be to transfer data between their devices and computers, as you normally have to use iTunes or various third-party applications to complete this task, and the process is often far from intuitive.


Retrieve contents
  • You can transfer music, picture, video and voice recordings in the iphone to a PC through drag & drop.

App data insert
  • You can save data in an app folder using Mac Finder or Windows Explorer.

Contents play
  • You can play multimedia files in your iphone using Mac Finder or Windows Explorer.

Storage unit
  • You can use your iphone as a USB storage unit.

Key Features

Intuitive application that can mount your iOS device automatically
  • Once it is installed, EasyBee detects any iPhone or iPad that is connected to the PC and sets up a virtual drive that can be used to access the contents of your device’s storage.
  • There is no need to familiarize yourself with a new, complex interface, as all transfers can be performed from the File Explorer using the classic drag and drop method.

Powerful utility that does come with some limitations
  • EasyBee allows you to open media files and transfer them to your PC, but it is not possible to add new files into the default media folders (Movies, Music and Photo), as they are read-only.
  • Nevertheless, you can still copy files from your PC to your iOS device by placing them in the Storage folder, should you wish to transfer them between computers by taking advantage of the free space on your iPhone or iPad. However, the files placed in this directory cannot be accessed directly from the mobile device.

Straightforward application that enables you to access and copy content from your iOS device
  • All in all, EasyBee is a nifty utility that provides you with an alternative to other, more complex iOS transfer programs. It mounts your iPhone or iPad as a standard disk drive, allowing you to transfer files quickly and effortlessly. However, some restrictions still apply, as you cannot store new files in your device’s default media folders.


OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (x86-x64)
Language: ENG
Medicine: Freeware
Size: 51,25 MB.

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