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AnVir Task Manager — is a powerful Manager of processes and programs auto load which combines the functions of antispyware and anti-Trojan. Displays very detailed information about running processes as, for example, dll, flows, connections, Windows, driver, handle, the version of the file, etc., in the system tray shows CPU usage and disk. Monitors attempts to add programs in startup.
The unique feature of AnVir Task Manager is that it provides detailed information about the system and, at the same time, provides many tools for managing Windows. In order to replace all the functions of AnVir Task Manager, will have to install about 10 different programs.

  • Manage startup, running processes, services and drivers and replace task Manager
  • Detection and removal of viruses and spyware
  • Fine tuning XP and Vista, including the installation of hidden settings
  • Acceleration download Windows and computer operation

Key Features
  • In the specified startup programs that run when you turn on the computer and start Windows. Separately stated services and panel of Internet Explorer. Marked programs added recently. Temporarily disable startup programs. Remove the program from startup. Complete the process and add a program to the list of startup protection. Now this program while trying to add themselves to the startup will be deleted automatically. To download speed of the computer, add a program to the list of pending downloads. Program delayed loading started a few minutes after Windows boot, which speeds up the download computer. The startup window allows to catch viruses and Trojans. If you see a suspicious program, click details. Here's the program description from the database and analysis of the security program. The suspicious program can be sent to the virustotal website, where the program will check the antivirus software.

  • The Processes window replaces Windows Task Manager. In this full information about running processes. For each process specified in the safety analysis or risk level. This allows you to catch Trojans and viruses. Startup. The disk usage. See which process is actively using the disk. Network load: the traffic and transmission speed. The tray icon is created by the process. The full path to the file. If you hold the pointer over it, a tooltip appears with detailed information about the process. You can display other columns of information. On the panel with detailed information displays the detailed security analysis. List of loaded dll. Files used by the process. Network connections a given process and all processes. Displays the exchange rate. Performance charts. Drivers installed in the system. You can use the filter to search for the correct driver. You can find the newly installed drivers.

  • Services are utility programs that run automatically. You can display the columns with additional information to see the full information about your services. You can stop or start a service, change its startup to send to the test on virustotal. For services provided information from the knowledge base, analysis of security. For Windows system services specify the startup type is default and recommended.

  • In the log a list of running and completed processes.

Control startup and virus removal
  • Intentionally infect the computer with virus. Run the virus from the site. AnVir Task Manager controls the startup and shows the message when a virus tries to infect the system. Virus prescribed in the system of two files, and AnVir Task Manager says about that. Open the main program window. For each file shows a detailed analysis of its security. Dangerous files marked with red color. For the first file shows that a file with the same ID found in the database of dangerous programs. The file is located in the system folder, which causes great suspicion. The file has no company name, which is typical for viruses. This file shows the name of the virus database startup. And the detailed security analysis. File has created two visible icons in the system tray, which slightly reduces the risk. Now cure your computer. Remove the key from startup. Make a note that this entry is necessary in the future to remove automatically. Complete the process of the virus and delete the virus. Repeat the same procedure for the second file. The computer is cured! Protection feature allows you to automatically startup remove from the startup unneeded or unwanted program.

Tray icons
  • In the system tray, AnVir Task Manager places a few icons. The load of each core of the processor. A list of processes that most CPU. Download and hard drive temperatures. The process that loads the disk. Icon network. The downstream data rate, upstream data. The total volume of received and sent traffic. The use of memory. The processes using the most memory. Laptop icon displays the battery charge. You can display all lights on one tile.

The extension of the system menu
  • AnVir Task Manager adds useful commands to the standard system menu of the Windows. System window menu is available each program by right-clicking. Fix the window on top of other Windows. Hide window to system tray to save space on the taskbar. These Windows will everytime hide to tray when minimized. Restore from tray. Create floating icon for the window. Change the transparency. Change the priority of a process. Save the priority. Now every time you start the process will be set to high priority. Install a standard size window.

Extension dialogs «Open File» and «Save File»
  • Standard dialogs «Open file» and «Save file» is added to the list of recently used folders. This allows you to quickly find a desired folder when saving and opening files. The folders that are most commonly used, can be added to the list of favorite folders.

  • Tweaker is a separate program to customize Windows. Tweaker allows you to configure both standard and hidden parameters of Windows. Just more than a hundred settings.

Icons Vista to Windows XP
  • On Windows XP the icons of the hard drives are replaced by icons in Vista style. These icons graphically shows the amount of free disk space.

Balancing CPU usage
  • Are the undesirable situation where some processes are CPU intensive and do not allow to use other programs. This is especially true for older single-processor computers. AnVir Task Manager automatically detects such situations and reduces the priority of the background processes. Run a long calculation in the two calculators. Calculators fully loaded dual core processor. It is automatically set to low priority. Stop the calculation. Priority back to original value.

RePack by KpoJluk
  • Type: installation, unpacking portable
  • Language: Russian
  • Treatment: the program is free for users of Russian-language OS
  • Cut: advertising in the program 'Yandex-Pak', 'Reg Organizer', 'Update Software'

Keys command line:
  • Silent installation: /S /I
  • Unpacking portable: /S /P
  • The choice of installation location: /D=PATH
  • Key /D=PATH should be the latest
  • For Example: AnVir.Task.Manager.v8.5.0.exe /S /I /D=C:\MyProgram

RePack by elchupacabra
  • Combined in one distribution program installation or unpacking portable (developer) versions
  • Disabled ads
  • Disabled Google Analytics
  • Ability to install the full English version
  • Picks up an external configuration files anvir.ini and *.dat, copying them to the program folder (to unpack the portable version) or imports the settings into the registry from settings.reg (to install the program)



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