Disk Revival 4.20 Portable

Disk Revival — program for the treatment of a hard disk drive (blocking the slow and bad sectors). Runs directly from Windows. The principle of treatment of the hard disk is very simple: hdd filled with files (placed in separate folder), and then try them away. Slow or broken files remain on the disk, good removed.

The author of the program Varlamov Yuri

Disk Revival is not universal, to help not any hard disk drive. Will it fit you? Just run it, if the phases of the write and read are successful, then everything is okay. The free version handles the entire disk surface, fully working on all stages except «Optimization».Acceleration
  • Is by blocking the unstable slow sectors. You decide what is the minimum speed you need. In addition to increasing the speed, lock slow sectors can have a positive impact on the health of the disk drive because it hurts them and they become broken.
Check and lock bad sectors (in part)
  • If Disk Revival will be able to record in an sector, then it will block it. If not, alas. The program interrupt processing. Basically, if Victoria defines the sector as broken, the disk process unfortunately does not work (but not always, need to check). This can be circumvented by breaking a disk into partitions, so that broken sector were in the same section, and all the rest in the other.
  • However, after the treatment program, the disc can stop a bad file. I personally enjoyed the CD, which before the treatment are not even allowed Windows to put. Set several times, each time wrote that some file is corrupted (different every time). After processing, Windows rose is easy and simple.
  • It also handles external hard drives and flash drives.
  • Working with each disk partition separately.

Important features
  • The program determines the rate with a certain error, so the second run may show slightly different results. But this does not affect its effectiveness.
  • If the program found a slow sector, it is not always the disk will run faster. The reason is that on fast disks, the software creates a heavy load on the CPU, which intermittently incorrectly determines the rate of individual sectors. There are also other factors that can disqualify a good sector. The number of such about slow sectors is not critical, but it is. It may mislead that the program is not working. Therefore, to test the program on a good drive does not make sense.
  • However, hard drives that have slow sector, the program effectively copes with its task.

Creating a bootable USB drive
If you have only one disk and you want to handle, you need to make a bootable flash drive and run the program from under it. Attention! Disk Revival works not with all builds. One of the proven ways is to create a bootable USB drive with WinPE Sergei Strelec 10-8. Download the image and burn it to a USB (instructions and everything you need is in the archive.) Then run image and copy to the desktop folder with the program Disk Revival. Run the program and point out to her the disk for processing and treatment.

Contrast program Victoria (Victoria) and similar
Victoria checks the drive for slow and broken sector, but the fix can only be broken, and then not always. Its principle of operation is based on the reassigning of sectors. The problem is that the remapping does not always work. Of course and method used in Disk Revival is not without flaws, but it overlaps part of the cases, when Victoria is powerless.

Recommendations for the use of
  • The program is not universal not every hard drive. First I recommend to test it on a small area. So you don't have to wait long, and then discover that the program cannot be optimized.
  • To limit the size by choosing a small partition on the disk (the program works with partitions separately) or using the checkmark «process of the disk».
  • You can easily return the drive to its original state by deleting the folder $BAD_FILES._NOT_DEL or formatted disks.
  • During optimization, the disk space will inevitably be divided into fragments. If the fragments are too small, it will cause greater fragmentation of your files, which will reduce the speed. The program tries to minimize this phenomenon by using 2 algorithms.
How to use damaged discs
  • You can use, you just have all the valuable information periodically to throw something. This can be used not only stick, but also free online storage. Mail.ru or dropbox.com for example.
  • Developer Disk Revival itself uses already a second disk. :) This program is written on the disc.

Limitations of unregistered version
  • You can check the partition entirely, but will be available only 10 Gb optimized. The rest will be blocked (this is done so you can use the disk and make sure it is faster).
  • After purchase, you can unlock all optimized space without having to start the processing again.



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OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (x86-x64)
Language: RUS
Medicine: Freeware / Activated
Size: 12,25 MB.
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