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Ron's Renamer — Powerful Batch File Renamer. Simple, neat, yet powerful, safe and fast. The best file renamer for multiple files and folders (MP3, EXIF files).

Ron's Renamer is a tool for renaming many files in one go, using rules like search and replace. Batches of files can be 10's to 1000's, and span multiple directories, with an unlimited number of rules that can be combined to achieve almost any result.

Ron's Renamer has been designed from concept to execution to be simple and fast to use, without compromising on power; in short to make a difficult job as easy as possible. Ideal for renaming collections of photographs or music, or even a general tidy up of your documents!

  • Any number of rules can be combined in any order to satisfy almost all renaming needs. Complex rule sets can be saved to give instant access to frequently used renaming tasks.
  • With two or three clicks files can be renamed: drag a folder onto the main window, choose files or folders, add some rules and click rename. Job done!
  • With instant visual feedback of what will be renamed, and full rollback after files have been renamed it could not be safer to use.
  • Tested with tens of thousands of files, and designed for easy operation the job will be done in no time.

Key Features
  • Add Space
  • Add Text
  • Add Numbers
  • Add Date/Time
  • Add Path Name
  • Remove Space
  • Remove Text
  • Remove Numbers
  • Add Music Tag
  • Add Image Tag
  • Change Case
  • Replace Date/Time
  • Replace Text
  • Replace Numbers
  • Split Name
Combine any number of rules
  • Any number of rules can be combined into rule sets and saved allowing total flexibility and fast operation.
Save sets of rules
  • Saved rule sets are listed on the toolbar for quick retrieval.
EXIF and MP3 tag
  • Use the files tags in its new name.
Live preview
  • Instant preview of the new file names — know what the application will do before any files are renamed.
Conflict checking
  • Conflict check and illegal file name fixing built in.
Preview rename status
  • Instant visual display of each file's state making it easy to see what will be renamed and if conflicts will arise.
Command line support
  • Any rule set can be exported as a complete script for later automation.
  • Rollback option after rename for that final check.
Very long filenames
  • Support for filename up to 32,000 characters.




OS: Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (x86-x64)
Language: ML / ENG
Medicine: Patch
Size: 0,68 MB.

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