DRevitalize 3.31 | 3.32 | 4.00 Final Portable

DRevitalize is a program that repairs bad sectors (physical defects) on popular magnetic media (hard drives and also floppy drives to some extent) by generating a special sequence of high and low signals around the physically damaged area. The surface of almost any drive can be repaired with this utility (even hard drives that were dropped down or exposed to strong electromagnetic fields).

Please note that under Windows you need to run DRevitalize as an administrator to have access to anything else than a floppy disk. Windows will not allow you to scan hard drives in simple user mode. Although DRevitalize can run in the background, it is not recommended to run other programs which use the drive being tested. This is especially true when revitalize/refresh slow sectors option is active as it could result in data corruption on the revitalized drive. Additionally, the revitalize/refresh slow sectors option should never be run on drives with important data.

Advantages of new Drevitalize 3 Windows/DOS
  • Drevitalize (Windows): modification of drives detection code. Obsolete interface dropped.
  • Drevitalize (Windows): eSATA wake up from sleep bug fixed.
  • Drevitalize (DOS): added new AHCI chips support.
  • Drevitalize (DOS): new command line parameters.
  • /NOAHCI to run without AHCI
  • /OFF to switch off PC after scan, either via APM or ACPI. Report is saved to report.log (all Intel LPC chips supported and most AMD).
  • /SCANO to run a scan only (read test) on first detected SATA HDD.
  • /SCANR to run a scan and repair (read test) on first detected SATA HDD.
  • /SCANW to run a scan and repair (write test) on first detected SATA HDD.
  • any combination of the command line parameters is accepted.
  • command line parameters are reseted if user breaks the scan with ESC.
  • if more scan commands are specified then the last one is effective.
  • if scan is started from command line, Drevitalize (DOS) will exit to system after the scan has completed, unless it was instructed to switch off the PC.
  • no more than 3 parameters are accepted.
  • Drevitalize (all): removed command 'ECC functionality' because it is obsolete in current ATA specification.
  • Drevitalize (all): added command 'Clear defect reassign' the so called Grown Defect List for WD, Samsung and Fujitsu hard drives.
  • Drevitalize (all): Format unit support added for Fujitsu (ATA drives only).
  • Drevitalize (all): added command to clear the SMART for WD and Samsung drives (only in registered version). SMART will be cleared in supported models if user holds left SHIFT while executing the 'Clear defect reassign' command.
  • Drevitalize (all): log file is now more detailed. It displays bad sectors found, refreshed sectors, bad SBuff areas and slow Sbuff areas. Sbuff: Software Buffer reads/writes in multi sector mode. By default, anything with an access higher than 150ms per Sbuff area is treated as a slow area. For a drive exposing 512 bytes per sector access, Sbuff is 32KB under DOS and 128KB under Windows.
  • Starting the DRevitalize 3.22+ (registered) installer will auto update any previous 3.xx DRevitalize versions installed. Any old 3.xx demo or registered versions of Drevitalize will be removed.
  • Drevitalize (Windows) registered will now by default check if new version is available when starting. User can stop checking for updates only when local version of Drevitalize is not up to date. No serial numbers or internet IPs are collected.
  • Double signed with SHA1 and SHA256 key to support all Windows versions starting with Windows Vista.




OS: Windows Vista / 7 / 8.1 / 10
Language: ENG
Medicine: Activated!
Size: 0,12 MB.
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