FileSearchy 1.43 | Portable

FileSearchy is a quick, powerful and easy to use utility to search files on your computer. It provides real-time search by file name. Unlike other search tools with instant file search, it also allows searching by content string, date and size. FileSearchy supports many popular formats and highlights found text in file name and contents.

  • Instant search by file name
  • Search contents of plain text documents
  • Search contents of MS Office and PDF documents
  • Search several strings
  • Search by date and size
  • Case sensitive search
  • Whole word search
  • Regular expressions
  • Exclude strings
  • Boolean expressions
  • Search contents of eBooks (EPUB, FB2, MOBI)
  • Search several strings on the same line
  • Highlight found string in file content
  • Copy selected files to clipboard
  • Copy names and paths of selected files to clipboard
  • Filter by file category
  • Export results as CVS
  • Multiple tabs
  • History of searched strings
  • Help file
  • Localization

Key Features
Instantly find files by name
  • FileSearchy performs quick indexing and maintains a lightweight database of file names on your computer. This enables search by file name in less than a second.
File content search
  • Search through contents of plain text, office, PDF and other documents. File content detection algorithm allows to skip binary files (e.g. programs, music, video).
Text highlighting
  • Highlighting of found string in name and contents helps to find information easier. No need to guess, why certain files were found.
Advanced queries
  • Search for multiple string at one time. Exclude strings that should not appear in results. Full name, substring, whole word, regular expression searches.
Tabbed user interface
  • Make several searches in different tabs to retain or compare the results. All search parameters related to a single search are collected in a single tab.
Explorer integration
  • You can invoke search using folder context menu in Explorer and other compatible applications.




OS: Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (x86-x64)
Language: ML / ENG / RUS
Medicine: FreeWare
Size: 8,69 MB.

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