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Recovery Software Full Pack 2017 — The package includes a complete set of programs to recover deleted data on your PC. With these programs, you can restore all files and archives.

RS Data Recovery combines two data recovery tools in a single convenient package. Use RS Data Recovery if you lost data after accidentally formatting or repartitioning the disk or after losing the entire contents of a memory card full of pictures. This data recovery utility can successfully recover files that failed all previous attempts with other products.

RS Excel Recovery is designed to recover Excel XLS/XLSX, OpenOffice ODS and certain other types of spreadsheets that are deleted or inaccessible. Sharing its data recovery engine with the company’s top of the line partition recovery tool, RS Excel Recovery can reliably extract spreadsheets stored on badly damaged, corrupted and inaccessible media formatted with any version of FAT or NTFS or carrying no file system at all.

FAT and FAT32 are often used on flash-based devices such as USB flash drives and memory cards used in digital cameras, portable audio players, e-book readers, smartphones and navigation devices. RS FAT Recovery is designed to support all versions and variations of the FAT file system, recovering information from healthy, damaged, formatted and even inaccessible devices – as long as they are (or were) formatted with FAT or FAT32.

RS File Recovery is a modern file recovery utility using highly sophisticated algorithms to locate and recover your files and folders. You can use this file recovery utility to undelete a single file or a bunch of folders, recover information from corrupted and formatted disks and memory cards.
Its simple, step-by-step wizard and instant pre-recovery preview allow anyone feel immediately comfortable using RS File Recovery.

RS File Repair will save your files by fixing any inconsistencies found. A range of formats including JPG, TIFF and PNG images is supported. With lossless recovery, RS File Repair can repair damaged images with no quality loss. RS File Repair can fix everything including main image, embedded previews and EXIF information.

RS NTFS Recovery can work as a simple undelete tool, recovering recently deleted files in a matter of minutes. However, the main goal of this data recovery tool is helping users re-create the original file and folder structure of damaged, formatted and inaccessible NTFS volumes. RS NTFS Recovery helps users recover after accidental formatting or repartitioning, retrieving all information stored on the affected drive and carefully saving the data in an alternative location.

RS Office Recovery designed to handle the toughest cases of data loss. RS Office Recovery can help you get Word, Excel, OpenOffice and other types of documents back in some of the worst-case scenarios. Supporting healthy, damaged, formatted, repartitioned and plain unreliable storage media, RS Office Recovery can recover documents even if Windows cannot access the disk or open the device.

RS Partition Recovery can restore the original structure of your hard drive after accidental formatting or repartitioning, recovering all information stored on the affected drive. The complete data recovery is available to even complete novices thanks to sophisticated algorithms combined with highly intuitive and fully guided user interface.

RS Photo Recovery offers a quick and easy solution for your image restoration needs. Equipped with powerful undelete and recovery algorithms, this photo recovery utility can reliably recover files stored on formatted, corrupted and unreadable memory cards, repartitioned disks and deleted partitions.

RS Word Recovery will help you recover Word DOC/DOCX, Adobe PDF and OpenOffice ODT documents that go missing. Employing a highly sophisticated data recovery engine, the tool can handle formatted disks and repartitioned hard drives, inaccessible flash media and unreadable disks. A highly advanced content-aware recovery engine will scan the entire content of the device looking for documents that survived.

The package includes
  • RS Partiton Recovery 2.6
  • RS Office Recovery 2.4
  • RS NTFS Recovery 2.6
  • RS FAT Recovery 2.6
  • RS Word Recovery 2.4
  • RS Excel Recovery 2.4
  • RS File Recovery 3.9
  • RS Photo Recovery 4.5
  • RS File Repair 1.1



OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 / Server 2003 / 2008 / 2012 (x86-x64)
Language: ML / ENG
Medicine: Keygen
Size: 0,89 / 66,34 MB.

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RS File Recovery

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