Kingsoft Office Suite Professional 2013 Activated

As an office suite of desktop applications, Kingsoft Office consists of a word processor — Writer, a spreadsheet program — Spreadsheets and a presentation program — Presentation. Compared with other office suites, Kingsoft Office is regarded as one of the best office applications with user-friendly interfaces and excellent performances.

In addition to innovative features in the last version such as a built-in PDF creator, the latest version has added various new features, allowing you to switch between the 2013 and classical interfaces, adjust your paragraph formatting and table dimensions with drag and drop, save files as more formats (such as .xlsx and .xlsm) and insert a movie or background sound into a PPT slide. Kingsoft Office Suite Professional 2013 will not only enables you to fulfill data analyzing needs in business, but to turn your innovative ideas into illustrative documents or presentations.

Highly Compatible with Microsoft Office Formats
  • Open, view and edit Word 97-2003, Word 2007-2010 .doc, .docx, .wps and .wpt formats; create, edit and save (97/2000/2003) .doc, .wps and .wpt formats.
  • Open and view Excel 97-2003, Excel 2007-2010 .xls, .xlsx, .et and .ett formats; create, edit and save (97/2003/2007/2013).xlsx, .xlsm, .xls, .et and .ett formats.
  • Open and view PowerPoint 97-2003, PowerPoint 2007-2010 .ppt, .pptx, .dps and .dpt formats; create, edit and save (97/2000/2003) .ppt, .dps and .dpt formats.


  • Convert Office Documents into PDF Formats
Use the built-in PDF converter to easily convert office documents, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files, into the PDF format. Save files including Writer, Spreadsheets, Presentation as PDF format. Convert Kingsoft Writer (DOC, DOCX), Spreadsheets (XLS, XLSX), Presentation (PPT, PPTX) into PDF files.
  • Multiple Tabs — Manage Office Files More Conveniently
Avoid the hassles caused by switching between multiple document windows. Increase work productivity and avoid having too many windows in the taskbar; use the multiple tabs function to quickly find the correct document or sheet. Allows you to open more than one document within a single interface, preventing you from having to open multiple windows for multiple pages
  • Automatic Spell Check When You Write Office Document
In Kingsoft Office Suite, a spell check feature which can help you to proofread your office document has been added. It can automatically check your spelling while you work on the office word document. If the word is spelt incorrectly, a red underline will appear beneath the word. A selection of recommended corrections will be offered.
  • Set Encryption to Protect Your Office Files
An encryption function is offered as part of Office Professional that allows an option to better protect your files. Encrypted documents cannot be opened or modified by anyone else. Enter a read-only password that allows browsing and restricts any modifications. Enter read-write password to allow both reading and editing of the document.
  • Small Installation Package -Runs Faster
As a powerful office software suite, the size of the installation package of Kingsoft Office Suite is only 58.6MB, much smaller than most other office suites. By taking up less space on the computer, it allows your computer to operate faster and more efficiently.The software installs within one minute.
  • Freely Switch between the 2013 and the Traditional Interfaces
Adopt a brand new interface style providing you with greater space despite a wider variety of functions.It is also possible to retain the traditional interface if you prefer. You can switch quickly and easily between the two interface styles.

What’s new in Professional Office Suite 2013
  • New: Save files as .xlsx format.
  • New: Two interfaces: 2013 and classical ones. Two color schemes for 2013 interface: elegant black and water blue.
  • New: Add line numbers in the margin of your Writer documents.
  • New: Include 37 new functions in Spreadsheets including statistical and financial ones.
  • New: Support multiple criteria in filter to quickly locate the needed data.
  • New: Expand the row and column number in Spreadsheets, supporting 1,048,576 rows and 16,384 columns
  • New: Package your PPT files into folders or compressed files.
  • New: Display embedded fonts, even without the installation of TrueType font on your computer.
  • New: Select a cell with a hyperlink in it by clicking the blank space of the cell.
  • New: Support the ability to replace font face

  • The installer is a special edition with 1 year license, so you do not need to enter additional serial key to active full version. version valid till 2015.3.31.


OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 (x86-x64)
Language: ENG
Medicine: Activated (1 Year)
Size: 62,84 MB

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