Spartan 21.03 | Portable

Spartan — Clipboard Manager for Windows. Spartan includes a Basic like script language. No prior experience in programming is necessary to use it. The Microsoft Office (And most other) clipboard managers simply retain the last few clips so that you can copy more than once before pasting. That functionality doesn't even scratch the surface of what Spartan can do!

You can save clips permanently. You can take (and edit ) screen shots. You can create clips which automatically include the system date and time. You can encrypt sensitive clips like your passwords and credit card details. You can paste any digital photo or graphic file on your PC simply by browsing to it and clicking a button — and you have the option to paste it in the format accepted by Outlook, Outlook Express and Windows Mail which other clipboard managers do not offer. Best of all, if you have more than one PC, you can synchronize your clip data via Onedrive.

As well as a clipboard manager, you get a year planner, a graphics editor and a picture browser thrown in. Clips which are Web addresses work as bookmarks. Clips which are phone numbers will dial via your modem. Clips which are files on your PC work as shortcuts to them. It will remove email indentation chevrons from text. It will word wrap fixed line length text (Including the repair of hyphenated words) It even pastes text into old DOS programs! The list of uses for this software just goes on and on.


Have you ever needed information on one computer that you know you have on another?
  • Forget transferring files. The Spartan clipboard manager portable edition runs entirely from plug in flash drives.
  • Plug into one PC and copy. Plug into another and paste.
  • It's that easy!


Homepage | Changelog | Video Demos
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (x86-x64)
Language: ENG
Medicine: Freeware
Size: 6,07 MB.

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