Alcohol 120% 2.1.1 Build 1019 | Retail | Portable | RePack by KpoJluk

  • CD/DVD
Alcohol 120 % — a great program that allows you to create an accurate CD / DVD image of different types of media and virtual drives. The application can easily work with different formats of images made ​​by different methods, for example you can interact with the image file made ​​by Nero, CloneDVD and other other applications. The utility works even with the protected native breaks the protection and makes the image, which you can then share and enjoy themselves without inserting the original media in the drive every time. The program has different settings, for example you can skip read errors, improved scanning sectors emerged, built emulating the bad sectors and so on.

Creating a virtual drive on your PC — fast solution to many problems faced by users in the daily work. Not enough space on your hard drive? Tired of waiting for a few minutes of downloading your favorite CD, while noting with sadness on the surface of all the new scratches and damage? Want to create a disk image? Then you should definitely get acquainted with the program Alcohol 120 % closer. This software has a number of important advantages. In addition to all of the above, it lets you record CD and DVD, thus creating backup copies of important data. Using Alcohol 120 %, you will ensure the highest life expectancy of a CD with important information. Certainly, each user has a set of programs and data that he uses daily. And the real test of the nerves is a waste of time to load a disc that accompanies the process of information and the buzz of the drive. This is particularly an issue of concern gamers. The only simple solution to the problem in this situation is to mount the virtual drive. Pressing the two buttons you can transfer information from an external CD-ROM to the created virtual drive which can then be run by double-clicking. The utility supports the ability to write files directly to the PC's hard drive ( for it is in the unique technology for Pre-Mastering). Of high-quality video formats Alcohol 120 % recognizes Blu-ray and HD DVD. You can run on your computer using up to 31 virtual disk ( full version) and not more than 6 ( in the demo ). Provides a unique opportunity not many applications. The speed of the data recorded on CD, gives the speed of information processing on the virtual disk several times. You will be pleasantly surprised to feel how easy and fun you can get access to the right information, without making unnecessary actions. When you copy protected discs Alcohol 120 % automatically bypasses all restrictions (currently there are no problems with the discs, which were used when writing programs SafeDisc, Securom, StarForce, LaserLock). The utility also provides the ability to work remotely on the disks. Thanks to the built-in iSCSI server Alcohol 120 % is able to exchange virtual disks mounted on the internal network, or between home computers, and networked .

Key features and functions of the program
  • Create disc copies
  • Emulates and records images
  • Allows you to use the image as if it were a regular cd- drive with a disk
  • It removes the copy protection
  • Supports simultaneous operation of 31 virtual drive
  • Provides the ability to copy information directly from drive to drive
  • Allows you to protect your images with a password
  • Supports storing virtual disks on the server, network, followed by the ability to use their networked computers.
  • Searches for files,
  • Saves battery power if you are using a laptop
  • Provides more speed reading from a virtual disk.

Key features of Alcohol 120 %
  • Supported platforms: Windows XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 8.1.
  • Can handle up to 31 virtual CD & DVD-ROM drive !
  • You can use several programs to work with a CD or DVD at the same time .
  • Speed ​​Reading virtual disk in a virtual drive 200x.

Read the contents of the disk image files in the following formats:
  • A proprietary Media Descriptor Image (mds);
  • CloneCD Image (ccd / img / sub) ( only for CD ) ;
  • CDR WIN Image (cue / bin) ( Available for a CD with only one session, can not maintain sub-channeld data);
  • Standard ISO Image (iso) ( Available for a CD with only one track, can not maintain sub-channeld data);
  • Supports CD, DVD and CD RAW sub-channel reading methods .

Supports the following file formats disk images to emulate and record :
  • Media Descriptor Image (mds),
  • CloneCD Image (ccd / img / sub),
  • CDRWIN Image (cue / bin),
  • NERO Image (nrg),
  • Standard ISO Image (iso),
  • BlindSuite image (bwt / bwi / bws),
  • DiscJuggler image (cdi).

New Features of Alcohol 120% 2.0:
  • New user interface with support for Unicode
  • New folder management
  • Improved engines read and write CDs
  • A new plug-in audio converter to convert MP3
  • The new center exchange Alcohol iSCSI
  • New built- in security scanner

RePack by KpoJluk
General information:
  • Type: set
  • Languages: Russian, english, multi
  • Activation: ADMIN_CRACK
  • Cut: help, iSCSI, file counselor
  • Optional: import Settings.reg, audio Converter

Command line parameters:
  • Silent install Russian version: /S /EN
  • Silent install English version: /S /EN
  • Silent installation Ukrainian version: /S /UA
  • The choice of installation location: /D=PATH
The parameter /D=PATH must specify the most recent For example: Alcohol.120.Free.Edition.v2.0.3.9902.exe /S /RU /D=C:\MyProgram



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OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 / 11 (x86-x64)
Language: ML / ENG / RUS
Medicine: Crack
Size: 14,75 / 10,34 MB.
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