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Scribe is a small portable email client with an intergrated contact database and calendar. It supports all the major internet mail protocols and uses international standards where possible.

Scribe doesn't required installing or uninstalled and can be used from a removable drive without reconfiguration. It comes with a bayesian spam filter and translations to many different languages. Updates are published regularly to respond to problems and to add features. Because Scribe runs on Windows and Mac you can take your mail with you when you change operating system. And don't worry about viruses, Scribe protects you from the usual security holes in other email clients with it's own virus safe HTML control and executable attachment protection.

Free or Commercial Email Client
  • i.Scribe is free for everyone to use. No time limits, no nagging shareware banners or number of trials. Use it to your hearts content. It is however limited to one account and five user defined filters. If you want to use more than one account and/or more filters then there is the commercial version InScribe.
Spam Filter
  • Scribe has a built in bayesian spam filter that learns what type of email you consider to be «junk». Once it has a hundred or so spam to train on it can start filtering incomming spam automatically. As your collection of spam increases so does the accuracy of the bayesian filter. Until it reaches a maximum of about 98.5%. All the while producing very few if any false positives (i.e. wrongly classified mail you actually want to see).
  • Scribe is quite a small download compared to a lot of applications. And even when downloaded takes up very little of your hard disk or memory while running. You can easily use Scribe from a portable drive like a USB flash card.
  • Startup and shutdown are generally quick. Typically taking only a second or two. Mail sends and receives go as fast as your net connection allows. No needless waiting around for things to happen (like Outlook). Because Scribe uses a flexible file formats for mail storage you can move email with huge attachments around with no effort at all, unlike some email clients that have to copy the entire email, including attachment to another file on disk causing unnecessary waiting for the user.
  • Scribe comes totally self contained. You can either use the installer version or just unzip the distribution file. To uninstall either use the uninstaller in the Programs menu or delete the folder the email client was unzipped into. There's no dll's left lying around to worry about. All the data and settings for scribe are stored in it's directory. This also makes it easy to back your email up. (Windows: Some registry settings are used to allow you to use Scribe as your default email client, these are removed by the uninstaller but aren't harmful if you delete the application)
  • Scribe runs in Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Allowing users to maintain all their email and contacts in one place. Run the version of scribe for the OS your running and access the email received in another OS. (There is a legacy BeOS version that may be able to read/write an old Scribe mail folder)
Up To Date
  • I've been releasing updates since the start of 1999 in response to bug reports and feature requests. Where possible requested changes are incorperated into an update. Releases are tagged «stable» or «unstable» to help you to pick a version suitable for your purposes. The unstable builds are public beta's for experienced users to test.
  • Under windows the langauge will be read from the regional settings but if you want to override that then go into the appearence options and you can select a language there. If you're using BeOS then you can setup a LGI Config File to set the language. The translations will become worse over time and new user interface components become available, which obviously won't have translations yet, so the version and date in the square brackets will give you some idea of how up to date the particular translation is. Also Scribe supports a wide array of character sets, especially when you install the iconv dll (see below). All the user interface allows unicode to be read and entered, although due to the lack of support in Windows 95/98/ME multi-byte charsets are not supported very well.
  • Scribe is not vunerable to email virus' like Klez and Bugbear because the HTML support is not provided by Internet Explorer but by a built in HTML control. The attachment list won't hide the real extension of a file either, which typically used by virus' to trick the user into openning an executable when the user thought it was a document. And if a virus does get in through by some other means, it won't be able to find your address book thus preventing it from mailing itself to all your contacts. Finally Scribe won't let you open a file from the attachment list when it has an executable image (PE or ELF) or has a standard scripting exetension (like .VBS on windows). This prevents users accidently opening virii directly. If you have been sent a safe executable that you do need to run, then you can save it to disk and run it from there.
  • Scribe supports importing and exporting mail, contacts and calendar events to many open formats such as MBOX, .eml (single email), vCard, vCal/iCal and CSV (comma separated variables) contacts. Also support for proprietry formats and API's such as MAPI (import/export available only on windows), Outlook Express's MBX/DBX format and Eudora's address book is included. Scribe also has native support for converting winmail.dat attachments from Outlook user's into separate attachments that you can open or forward, which works even on Linux!

Key Features of the full version
Unlimited Send/Receive Accounts
  • You can configure and use many accounts with InScribe as opposed to the just one with i.Scribe. This allows you to receive mail from many sources and access groupware features like shared calendaring.
Unlimited Filtering
  • A simple filtering system can decide a course of action when mail is received. From moving it to another folder, deleting it, printing it out or auto-reply to it.
Multiple Identities
  • Each account allows you to use a unique identity to send and respond to mail with. When replying, InScribe automatically uses the identity associated with the account that the email was received through. So it's easy to keep your different roles separate.
Outlook (MAPI) Export
  • Replicate some or all of your email to an Outlook MAPI mail store. Great for users on the road that want to sync all there mail received on the road to their desktop running Outlook.



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