Problem with download archives

Dear visitors of our site! Unfortunately, we have encountered a storage problem with our provider, and because of this, all old archives has been lost forever, so you can't download that archives anymor… Now, first of all, we publish updates, and old versions will be updated only if such an opportunity exists… We do not have the financial ability to rent our own server, and as we see, visitors do not need this. For this reason, everything will most likely be as it is at the moment. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.
Sincerely, the administration of the SCloud.WS site.


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Write all you wrote to D1mar0n by private message.
firefox 122 flags the site as deceptive software and must  fill a form to unlock, since a while also blocks the access to github repos and redirects the the query to given always Error code: PR_END_OF_FILE_ERROR ,at least for me, it seems the big eyes are  lurking…
None of us have such problems, although we have been using Firefox all our lives. In addition, your message has nothing to do with this topic. whatsmile
Thanks very much for the   Info update. 
keep up the good work guyz .  silasmile
Are the servers you are beeing using,«safe»?
These are publicly used services, most users are familiar with them. We do not have the means to rent our own server. Monthly donations are barely enough to cover the costs of maintaining the site. Everyone wants to download quickly and via direct links so that the links always work, but only a few help — for which we are very grateful!
Just keep up the good work guyz  01  love this side
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