Moderators selection

Hello dear visitors of our site. Time does not stand in one place and we always try to be modern.

We have plans for the further development of this resource and on this line we want to create additional blogs: programs for macOS, Android, iOS, the news in the computer science's world, electronics and technology… Unfortunately, there are only two of us currently and we will not be able to work in all blogs… For this reason, we decided to announce a set of moderators for these blogs (possibly some other blogs suggested by users). If someone has the pleasure and energy for this kind of activity, please write to us in our personal mailbox or leave a comment under this post. Thank you for choosing our site.

For Russian Speackers
Здравствуйте дорогие посетители нашего сайта. Время не стоит на одном месте и мы всегда стараемся быть современными. У нас есть планы на дальнейшее развитие данного ресурса и в этой связи мы хотим создать дополнительные блоги: программы для MacOS, Андроид, iOS, Новости в мире информатики, электроники и техники… К сожалению нас только двое и мы не сможем заниматься всеми блогами. По этой причине мы решили объявить набор в группу модераторов для данных блогов (возможно и каких-то других блогов предложенных пользователями). Если у кого-то есть желание и силы для такого рода занятия, просьба написать нам в личный почтовый ящик или оставить соответствующий комментарий под данным постом. Благодарим за выбор нашего сайта.


Being very interested in some topics of modern technology, computer security and software innovations, I could moderate an English-language blog and prepare the latest news column in English, Spanish and Russian. I'd like to ask if this would be a paid job or purely on a volunteer basis — I'm interested in the former one.
Hello! Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately, at the moment I do not have the opportunity to pay for any work on the site. I make 90% of payments for the maintenance of the site from my own funds. You can post links to download an electronic magazine, for example, and make money on it. All that I can provide absolutely free is my website. If you are interested, write to me in a personal. Have a nice day!
Hello guys,
Do you have any plan for making a section for Linux applications too?
If someone will deal with this section, then I will gladly create it. I myself sometimes use this system and I really like it. I regret that I took Windows as the main working OS, it would be better if I started working with Linux from the very beginning.