Condusiv Diskeeper 2016

Hi, everybody! I have a good news to fans of products from the Condusiv Company. Company (and your obedient servant...) I started testing of Diskeeper 2016.

Once the testing is finished and signed the final build, I will post the download link. Leave your comments and opinions about best Defragmenter in your opinion.

What’s NEW in Diskeeper 16
  • IntelliMemory®: DRAM read caching technology to accelerate performance by servicing hot reads within available DRAM
  • Note: nothing has to be allocated for cache since it’s a dynamic cache, which means there is never an issue of resource contention or memory starvation. If an application is memory constrained and requires full memory usage at any moment, IntelliMemory throttles back completely.
  • New Dashboard that reveals the full benefits of the software to any given system
  • IntelliWrite® write optimization engine improvements for more efficient fragmentation prevention to both HDDs and SSDs


Не знаешь как скачать? | You do not know how to download?

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